Air Jordan XI (11) - 25th Anniversary

Earlier this week, we previewed a photo that New Orleans point guard Chris Paul took of a row of all-white Air Jordan shoes while on the Nike campus in Beaverton. The lineup was created to celebrate Michael Jordan’s 25th Anniversary with the Swoosh. This white/white Air Jordan XI (11) was in the photograph, and it’s safe to say that with its white patent leather toe, translucent outsole, and white mesh upper, it made quite the appearance! What you cop the shoe? There are no release details surrounding the Air Jordan XI (11) “25th Anniversary”, but we’ll keep you updated if anything pertinent surfaces!

Air Jordan XI (11) - 25th Anniversary

Via Kenlu.

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  1. Nah.. the concords go so much harder, all the jordans in thas pack look… empty. Incomplete.

  2. these feel so wrong, class but empty.

    and Jamal, please learn to type correctly. that was murder to read.

  3. wow these look pretty sick,

    there the best ALL WHITE sneakers ive ever seen.

    idk if i wud cop if they dropped though….

    it depends on the price.

  4. these is a definit kop.imagine 1 – 23 straight all white owwwwwwwww makes my room like snow white

  5. pending a price I might cop…the space jams got jacked up to $175 which is friggin outrageous seeing as they released retro for I believe $135 or $150…JB just knows that people are gonna pay $175 tho…Id cop these at $135

  6. OMFG! YES! Anyone who knows Jordans knows that XI's are very hard to come by and even though these aren't the Columbia's, they are without a doubt very clean. Certified 5/5 stars. You guys know I wouldn't say this unless I meant it. MUST HAVE!

  7. I agree with Christian H…. they look incomplete.. ima wait for columbias…. Pretty sure most will cop just cuz there 11's..

  8. These would go good with a KKK outfit with a pointy hat lmao. Should have made them all black with an icey soul because they do look kinda plain and white will get dirty easier.

  9. These would look great in a kkk outfit with a pointy hat lmao. But yea they do look plain and I think they should have made them all black with icey soul. And white will get dirty easier.

  10. loognomiks uz a punk azz BeYotch Fuk yo momma fo Tellin me to spell Iz know how 2 type U biTcH AZZ nukka!

  11. i like these but if the rumors of concords that may drop or colum's i would rather cop those instead..if nothing drops as rumored ..i will get the xi..nuff said!

  12. i bet jamal is from florida because fools learn to talk like dat and i bet he sports fakes like floridians lmaoo im glad im from ny and these 11's are just a no no the sole will go after three wears

  13. If it was anything ever worth automatic cop status its these. I would cash out $200 for these no problem. Hell yeah.

  14. Look pretty good but won't look so good when the soles turn yellow like all the rest of the 11s with clear soles.

  15. The columbias are better but these are nice. Hightop Nike town edition joints! I had the lows in 2001. Be sure to watch dead tone in theaters 9/8/09

  16. these are way too crispy hoe believe that you're a straight lame if your not checkin for these when they drop. its gonna be a cold summer these joints are mad icey.

  17. JB is finally listening to us. They are releasing the XI Spacejams, and two different VI's. Now these!?! OMFG TY! And kids, say to no to fusions and true flights.

  18. I still got mine from wen they dropped a while back…they won't yellow if u take care of em…one of the sickest 11s to drop…its not a specific one that's the best…everybody has their opinion…cuz some people love the space jams…they just aite to me…these r betta than the space jams I can honestly say that…