Air Jordan X (10) "Chicago 45" - April 2010 Limited Release
Rumors have been circulating for a while now regarding a 2010 release of the Air Jordan X (10) “Chicago,” but we have not seen any sort of confirmation in the form of catalog images or words from Jordan Brand representatives. But today, we are extremely proud to present a SneakerFiles exclusive confirmation that the Air Jordan X (10) will drop this month as a quickstrike release. Not just any Air Jordan 10, but rather the Chicago colorway with 45—the number Michael Jordan wore when he came back from retirement—on the ankle. This colorway of the AJ 10 is one of the most popular styles ever created, and will surely result in lines outside stores for days and may even cause riots. The Air Jordan X (10) “Chicago 45” will release at only 150 sneaker stores across the United States with each retailer only receiving 23 pairs. Be sure to check out the additional photos and information after the jump!


Happy April Fool’s Day!
Did we fool you?

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  1. I sent multiple texts to sneaker heads about the Chi-town tens

    Then I saw the April fools…NOT COOL

  2. Damn…lol… yo i was just about to text my connect and ask was his store gettin these lol

  3. two words GOT ME i was in da middle of a convo when i saw da april fools part. DAS MESSED UP LLS

  4. thats messed up sf i was just about 2 get them 4 me n my bay this just broke my heart bt they really should bring this pair out tho

  5. omg man damni was about to not get something for my baby mama man yahhll mad creep for this lol damn !!! i was like awwe shit

  6. Dame Dame Dame Dame Dame!!!!! DAME!!!! CAN'T BELIEVE I FELL FOR THAT THAT WAS GOOD DOE!!!!

  7. ouch…that was painful…i hate u guys so much right now…im gonna go n cry in a corner

  8. first TSG got me with the Lebron Joining Jordan Brand thing & now this. i've been punk'd two times already this is crazy. but the X's were really supposed to release! i mean wtf give me my X's for real !! not that 10/XX bullshit or whatever that is

  9. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I was about to be pissed with that "15o Stores" shit.

  10. good shit i fucken got happy as fuck for fucken mother fuckin nothing i fuckin hate you im gonna cry im going to rape you up side down that was mean uncalled for ;[

  11. I mean damn they got me. I'm in class with a big ass smile on my face and then only to find out this was a fuckin April fools joke. Lmao

  12. why are people mad? wtf its just a joke and plus these ARE guna come out in general release someday this year so calm ur asses down

  13. Not sure how anyone actually fell for this one – that shoe hasnt ever been mentioned and ALL the fakes have tat exact same '45' stitched in so Y would JB release it?

    Maybe a rerelease of an old NIKE SB or Nike Athlete Sig shoe from teh 90s would have worked better – i guess fools get exposed on teh 1st!

  14. FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKK U GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I waz def finna cancel 1 of my proms 4 deze.

    (gotta admit it waz a gud 1)

  15. damnnnn mannnn i hate april fools i want them sooooo baddddddd lol yu guys r fucked up man

  16. @ Hightimes.. MEnG ME TOO I waS ThINKIN HarD How I Was GOINg tO GeT ThaT MOneY LOl i was not plannin on buing sneakers now on april lol