Our friends over at Sole Supremacy have found yet another pair of Air Jordan’s that have made their way out the production factory with an error that some may have never noticed… myself included.

The last error we ran across were a pair of Air Jordan XI Retro ‘Cool Grey’ that had both Jumpman logos facing towards the toe box, something that has only been done on OG and ’00-’01 Retros. Today we have a look at the Air Jordan VII from the 60+ DMP package… notice anything off about them? If you said the ‘23’ patches on the heel were both facing the same direction, then you should take your talents to JB’s China Factory and take lead as the production line Quality Control Specialist.

Usually releases that have errors such as these make their way straight to the outlets or at the very least are marked as a ‘B-Grade’… In this case, they made their way to a retail store.

With all of the ongoing issues with Jordan Brand quality, don’t you think it’s time they start investing at least a fraction of the consumer dollar towards insuring those of us who camp, save and spend our hard earned dollar get exactly what we deserve… “Quality basketball products inspired by the greatest player ever.”


  1. What up my 216 sneakerfriend. The Cavs got us looking really bad. Looking forward to that 2011 NFL draft. Browns got to get it right. Go Brownies! On to the sneaker. I dont see why there aint a market out there for the A grade errors like in card collecting or coins. Love my city. Cuyahoga County 4 life.

  2. It’s a good thing they have this article because I just checked my pair and I was blessed with the correct model.


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