Earlier this month we saw the release of the Air Jordan 60+ Detroit Pistons to the liking of several, especially thanks to the speckled touch on the sole. Well, in 2010 team Jordan Brand plans to drop another Air Jordan inspired by the Detroit Pistons colors- the AJ VI. Although all we’ve seen so far was a teaser pic of this AJ VI colorway, now we’d like to show you better shots of this 2010 retro release. The upper comes in a nice mix of black patent leather and suede, with a sole that sports grey, blue, and red in a similar fashion to the aforementioned Air Jordan 60+. No concrete release date is yet known, but we’ll be sure to relay any developing news to our readers. Where would you say this AJ VI fits on the totem pole of VIs releasing in 2010?

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  1. hey guys…i am a jordan retailer..these arent the shoes…the shoe is actually all black, suede on the front, patent leather on the side..its real sharp…stealth looking, with the blue red clear sides…i think its much sharper because it doesnt have the grey! The shoe looks awesome in real life.

  2. "jump" is on point with this one :]

    they are practically all black with some blue and red accents,

    These are (in my opinion) better than the 11's.

    2010 the year of the VI

  3. They look dope, but these are probably my least favorite of all the VIs coming out next year. I'm more excited about the other two black colorways (varsity red and plain black) and the white with black speckles.

  4. Dreadful – as bas as the teaser pics. Why not just release something classy like the Sport Blues? Pass.

  5. the patent leather makes them look like fakes. Pass. just like with the CDP XIV, JB is doin too much with the colorway and the shoe comes out like a variant.

  6. straight garbage…sh*ts looks like JB and his design crew no talent bastards are stealing ideas from variants!!! step the game up JB, have some integrity and come up with fresh sh*ts…

  7. Garbage, the brand is looking so cheap now its terrible.

    And whats with all the funky color way's? I got about 4 pairs left to complete my collection of 1-23 then I'm done!

  8. Lately, I have been fondling myself to great delight while I watch and stare at this shoe. What is it about it that makes my shaft tingle and beg to be carressed. Maybe it's ur mother and how good of a BJ she gave me while she wore the Jordan VI's. Or maybe ur grandmother and she jogged wearing the Jordan VI's with her panty hose. Either way, have ur mother call me..and all of u shaft riding closet butt pirates can eat a fat one. Love y'all!!!

  9. I don't think patent leather has ever worked on the 6. JB should stick with the classic materials on the classic models. There is way too much going on with this sneaker. Don't think it will ever be a classic release in this colorwy.

  10. these are straight but JB needs to come out with somethin fresher. Something more back in the day looks. Im tired of seeing this cheap look on Air Jordans.!!!!

  11. I never really was a fan of the 6's because they always looked dull and boring. this shoe adds new spark to the jordan 6. its now a more entertaining sneaker and this was a good concept by JB. idk where all this hateration is coming from. Maybe its because its named after the pistons. KEEP THIS SHOE!

  12. ewww, why, the patent leather kills it, and that whole primary duo with black colorway trend has been dead since the mid 90's. IT'S NOT WORKIN, and they look like Flatbush Ave. fakes.

  13. the picture makes these look good

    they look like its black suede and grey suede like the DMP 7s

    2 bad they not

    they trash!!

  14. Yo These Shets Look Hella Fake, Dey Look Like Some Shet On A Chinese Website,Fucc Atta Hea Ni99a

  15. Blue throwin' it off.. Everything else looks sick. JB gotta get their heads back in the game.

  16. DETROIT STAND UP!!!! THESE GO HARD… Fuck the weak ass, i want the same color jordans again, to go with the rest of my extra ordinary no style or sense of fashion shit that i have in my closet ass muthafukkaz…. Step ur game up kidz… its 2010 and these are future shit. Jordan trying something different for people who like progression and new shit… So it on to the next one, cause i've been off that old shit fuckazzzz!!!

  17. WORD TJ_LOJIK!! Tired of n*ggas hatin' 4 no reason, STFU already.. Just DON'T cop it, F*CK!!! Anyway, my opinion they look aight, probably better in person.. I'll just have to wait to make my decision final… but yeah I give cred. for the kick bein' a new fresh colorway atleast.. More options