Air Jordan Spiz'ike 'Grape' - Unreleashed Sample

Earlier this year Jordan Brand released the Air Jordan Spiz’ikes in a couple of new colorways, a ‘Grape’ colorway was included this year. The Air Jordan Spiz’ike ‘Grape’ was quite hit with some “sneaker heads” and celebrities, but would have it been the same if these samples released? This Air Jordan Spiz’ike is the unreleased sample for the Spiz’ike ‘Grape’ that dropped a couple months ago. Alot has been change from the released ‘Grapes’ , the midsole, wings, laceflaps, and tongue have all undergone changes, and probably the most visible detail is that this version doesn’t feature a perforated upper. These will never release but a size 9 pair is up for grabs from seller cigar0330 on eBay, check out the detail pics after the jump and let us know which version you prefer.

~ Soleless

 Air Jordan Spiz'ike 'Grape' - Unreleased Sample

Air Jordan Spiz'ike 'Grape' - Unreleased Sample

 Air Jordan Spiz'ike 'Grape' - Unreleased Sample

Air Jordan Spiz'ike 'Grape' - Unreleased Sample

Air Jordan Spiz'ike 'Grape' - Unreleased Sample


  1. These look way better than tha released ones fo sho

  2. These are just as wack as the ones that released. The other Spizikes were pretty much true to the colorways they were inspired by, besides the Grapes.

  3. jordan kicks says:

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  4. They shoulda left the "Grape" theme out of these and just did a black and white motif. The latest Spizike releases have ALL been wack IMO. "Do the right things" and "Cool Greys" all day….

  5. i dont c anything grape bout these execpt 4 the tounge?? wtf

  6. way better then released grapes!

  7. this are good shoes if they one day come out i will be the first to get them

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