Air Jordan Legacy at the House of Hoops HarlemIf you like the For the Love of the Game Pack that Jordan Brand recently released then you’ll love this.

To celebrate the World Basketball Festival, the House of Hoops in Harlem has a display of ALL Air Jordan signature models covered in the University Blue/White and Black colorway. Every Jordan from the AJ1- the AJ 2010 is all here in this special edition, one of a kind display.

These will likely never hit shelves, but if they did, would you be down to cop them all?

Air Jordan Legacy at the House of Hoops Harlem

Air Jordan Legacy at the House of Hoops Harlem

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  1. Why dont NBA players who sign with jordan make their own PE's of the XI?? that would be the first shoe id make a PE of

  2. Like this collection better than the 25th anniversary collection. Would def cop 11-13, wonder if we'll see a pair or so on eBay soon, rest assured someone will get their hands on them somehow!

  3. man fuk dat dey trash i mean keep it real dey doin too much dey look like sum shit u can buy out a nigg@ trunk

  4. They shouldve came out with these colorways a while ago. They all look dope to me. It would be really nice if they released these but I know better than to let the smooth taste fool me

  5. If these ever hit the shelves I'd cop 2 pair of every single one of em'! Even the XIX's are hard as hell in this colorway