This year is chalked full of superb releases from Jordan Brand. One of the most highly anticipated could possibly be the Air Jordan VII ‘Bordeaux’.

Like the Air Jordan XIII ‘Playoff’, this will be the first time this colorway has been re-released. Sneakerheads yearn for OG colorways, the ‘Bordeaux’ VII just may be the most famous of the AJVII for its unconventional mixture of colors. Fortunately for us, they looked to have not changed a thing from the OG.

April can’t come soon enough!


  1. Some ppl will just jump on a band wagon just because they see others on it. This shoe is not nice at all, but it’s my opinion. They look to similar to the Raptors from the DMP pack, (or should i say the Raptors look to much like these, sense thsese came out years ago). All I’m saying is die hard Jordan fans knock your self out on a cheap made shoe that will began falling apart quicker than you can count to ten. I work at finishline because of my love for shoes but after seeing shipments of how a brand new shoe comes into the store is depressing. Technology should get better as time goes by not in reverse. The factories keep making crappy shoes just to save money and unfortunately ppl keep buying just because of the name. I like Jordans but they are slowly dropping out of my wardrobe. Buyers beware! Otherwise do what you do to keep your swagger right.

  2. @ ace I agree with you 100% homey.We DESERVE quality product from jb.I will take quality over quantity any day.

  3. @[email protected] I saw the cement 3’s back in december, finishline got like 4 teaser pairs so that workers could see them and build up the height. There was green glue coming out between the midsole and upper……now tell me how quality is coming back????????

  4. I have been questioning the shape of the retro 7. They have always look out of proportion. The original was a seeker shape whereas the retro looks a bit fat and stubby. Am I the only one that thinks so? Modern technology could solve this easily.

  5. I like the colorway. But I will tell you this I agree about the quality of JB. I will also tell you I had the OG 1s when they first came out $64.95. Bought em for my Son also. This said like every thing in life quality has gone down. But JB is very off. I looked at two pair of Altitudes in a 14 I saw 3-5 blemishes on both shoes and passed on them at $160.00. It’s just not right at all. I love most of the JB shoe styles but for the price in relation to the quality I’ll do without. Bring the quality back and I’ll pay the price. As of right noe most of the shoes produced look like B quality in the JB line. Step up and I will step back up.

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