Air Jordan Retro III (3) "White Cement" Restock
For those of you who missed the “white cement” Air Jordan retro III party and couldn’t snag a pair or two, we have some good news. The online Finishline store has received a full-size restock of this iconic retro release at the retail price tag of $150. Be careful not to sleep on this news- regardless if you’re looking for pair number 1 or more than number 1- because there certainly are many other people who will be trying to take advantage of this restock. Good luck!
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Air Jordan Retro III (3) "White Cement" Restock


  1. WTF jb makes too many js these days these suppose to be limited just like the cool everybodys gonna be rockin these just like cool greys no more hype

  2. I mean altitudes 13

  3. Yup, Im sure the people who stood in line that morning are happy to see this nonsense…JB you’re losing me quickly.

  4. they are still in every store i think the price will drop in a few months

  5. My local finishline store still has every size available.

  6. yo son, im so glad, i almost purchase these at ebay for around 190, yay, now only 160s thanks!

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