Air Jordan Retro 9 (IX) Marcus Jordan Player Exclusive

It must be pretty good to be Michael Jordan’s son, especially if your into Air Jordans. Marcus Jordan is still young and playing his heart out, while scouts are flocking to see what he can do. Currently Marcus Jordan is running with the Rising Stars Gold AAU team, and his dad made him a special Air Jordan 9 (IX) Retro matching his team.

The Air Jordan Retro 9 (IX) Marcus Jordan Player Exclusive contains a smooth White upper, Navy patent leather around the toe box, gold accents throughout, and his number 5 stitched at the heel. Marcus Jordan stated on his new blog GBOA this pair is dubbed the “Rising Stars Edition”. This pair will not release, and only made for Michael Jordan’s son.

Air Jordan Retro 9 (IX) Marcus Jordan Player Exclusive
Air Jordan Retro 9 (IX) Marcus Jordan Player Exclusive


  1. pssh, imma a varsity player and average about 35 points a game, 9 steals. i could skool his son, i should have my own shoes!!!!!!!

  2. ^^^^^ LMAO at comment above!!! He averages 35 points, 9 steals in 25 games LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    If you avg 35pts/9stls per game, you would be all over SCOUTS BBall or

  3. Hopefully the quality of these shoes for his own son is better then the ones in the countdown packages. Qualitywise Jordan lost a step lately…..

  4. @ See's, did you even read the post? It says that only one person has this shoe, Michael Jordan's son!!!

    If the Golden Bears wear a pair like this, then MJ shoe have switched the shoe up some. All he did is take that shoe and put a #5 on it. Either way, I'm lovin this shoe…

  5. This shoe is just normal looking. Nothing really special except being made for Mike's son

  6. @ dj bras and paco jeans, these are so fake faker than your mom having them on. i should just call her a mother faker. "im a dj that wear bras you should just jump in traffic with your turntables and get hit by a car. you know what bring nico with you too because all he talks about is shoes and why does he owns a jordan pe made by jimmy choo. you both are fake likes these shoes. im done with you two!!!!!!! lol

  7. 20sec TimeOut PlzZzzz! Jordans son played in the Jordan classic all-star game which is for High school senoirs and that was in 07' so he should b in Collage not playing AAU ball still unless he went to a prep school to do a 5th year like O.J. Meyo did. But if my dad was Jordan f*ck the breakfest club that shit will b all day ballin' n str8 to the NBA!!

  8. yeah he's got more than one son. Check U of I for his other son. He'll be sitting at the end of the bench wearing his Horace Grant goggles. No disrespect my man, but get your son some contacts. He looks like urkle on the court.

  9. I bet Mikes son has a garage full of kicks!!!!

    And I bet He gets them for free!!!

    That pisses me off!!!!

  10. kinda looked like the pe's that kobe rocked!!!! holla at em…well mj has always viewed the mamba as his oldest son anyways!!!

  11. sole addiction sneaker boutique in morton grove il, has 2 of his pe's the white and yello 10s and the black 9s. saw them at dunkxchange chicago nice stuff.

  12. mj was and is the best ever i don't care what you weak ass bitches say he would dunk on all you bitch asses still kobe lebron d.wade all them pretenders.

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