Air Jordan Retro 15 SE Revealed

After much talk and speculation, the Air Jordan Retro 15 SE has revealed. Some rumors are already spreading like wildfire, for example this pair and a special Jordan Brand jacket will release online as a package for $795. But a high source has said this is not true. Another rumor is this pair will release online limited to 150 pairs.

It is hard to tell which exact color ways used, but it looks like Black, White and Red. What really stands out is the vents on the side, which look very futuristic. A release date has not been issued just yet, but when one is made available it will be posted on our Air Jordan Release Dates page. Via Vulkan.

Air Jordan Retro 15 SE Revealed


  1. they are okay still not sure but if they are going to be limited to 150 pairs i am going to add them to my collection

  2. These are a thing of beauty. People may start changing their minds on the original XVs as a result. Mission accomplished JB

  3. ^^^i forgot… they need to take the jumpman off the back, and wtf is that triangle above the midsole??? they gotta go

  4. Simonsayz and Airnimmo on NT stole those pictures from me. These are not part of a pack they made that information up to sound smart.

  5. They look like they will be a Jordan Team Sneaker

    just like the 9.5's, but they are a good looking pair of Jordans Id Copp 4 Basketball

  6. ^

    your right looks to me like red white and blue

    has anyone seen the 15 og's in person?

    Do they look better in person?

    Don't know if i'm gettin em


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