Air Jordan JAQ - Light Graphite / Varsity Maize / White

Just moments ago, the Air Jordan JAQ was previewed. Here’s a look at another JAQ that also features a very sleek and stylish color-way. Light graphite, varsity maize, and white are placed throughout the shoe with a dominant light graphite upper and varsity maize accents. Like we mentioned before, this Air Jordan JAQ is a little bit like the Air Jordan VI’s design, but brings something new to the table with a strap and spiked sole. Expect these to be released alongside two other Air Jordan JAQ’s on August 1st, 2008.


  1. Hey Jordan heads… this IS NOT a basketball shoe! Now that we can get past that which we expect to see from JB and evaluate it for what it is… pretty nice trainer! Best JB trainer yet!

  2. Hot trainer shoes and best colorway I've seen so far. Not real found of the Jordan JAQ shoe, but hey at least they are trying to do something different for once. Should be a good quality trainer shoe from what I've seen and heard so far.

  3. Reebok-inspired Jordans? Interesting concept. I can't believe noone has commented that these look like 90s Reeboks.

  4. so its a jb football trainer, turf, whatever. they've already got the detachables of these out already. they're for actual ATHLETES. you know, the ones who use kicks for training and playing. stick with your pretty retros or af1's if you want something to go with your little outfit.

  5. ^ Bold call-out brother… but true! There's nothing wrong with JB trying to make a functional shoe for a sport outside of basketball! Yeah, I see the 90's Reebok Omni-Lite vibe… good catch on that one!

  6. Are you guys kidding me? who would buy these montrosities. i heard there were suckers born every day but damn. im a marketing major.Nike puts these shoes on these sites to get feedback from everybody, if you guys stop giving positive feedback to these garbage jordan sneaker than theyll stop making them. who are these sneaker targeted at, football players?

  7. "this Air Jordan JAQ is a little bit like the Air Jordan VI’s design"

    You're joking right???? I sure hope so, because there is nothing about this shoe that echoes any design cues from the Jordan VI. Seriously, are you looking at the same shoe?

  8. i think the black colorway is better but these are iight for training if i ever saw anyone wearing these with an outfits id beat them senseless though

  9. I LOVE those! I wish I could afford them. I saw the Black & Red ones @ Finish Line. Oh, I wish I had the $$!


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