Just yesterday we previewed a teaser image of the Air Jordan III Retro Black/ Cement Sample which replaced the leather uppers with nubuck.

Before you get even more upset than you already have about the change, the retail version is going to have the leather uppers and not nubuck. Obviously Jordan Brand had given nubuck a thought, and rightfully so since the CDP AJ3 featured the Black/ Cement version and we all know how Jordan Brand likes to try and change things up a bit for each release.

It is possible we see a nubuck AJ3 in the Black/ Cement colorway in the future, but only time will tell.

If they were to release both versions, would you pick up both or stick solely with the leather uppers?

Via MN


  1. nubuck looks smooother, the leather on newer retro jordans is cheaper then the o.g. versions!!! i would cop these better

  2. I like em! its good to see a change being how they're over releasing the crap out of these, and the v's! If ya want the other leather go on ebay.

  3. They fresh either way n my opinion srry chachos but for now seein what kixpo got n store for here n a few weeks nd o yuh go mavs js

  4. these are clean. brings out the elephant print more. All yall haters out there dont know a good shoe when you see it. How many times have we seen the same bumpy leather 3s. time for change. i would buy them in a heartbeat. I would buy the leathers too but already got them. If you a collector, you should already have them and be waiting on some exclusives like these.


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