Air Jordan III (3) Retro 2011 Black Cement Nubuck Sample

As many wait for images to surface of the Air Jordan 3 Retro Black/Cement, today is that day. This is a sample of the Air Jordan III (3) Retro 2011 Black/Cement using black nubuck uppers. The traditional Air Jordan 3 Black/Cements use leather uppers. As of now, it is not confirmed if the black nubuck will stay or the original version will release. Like always, check back for confirmation.

Air Jordan III (3) Retro 2011 Black Cement Nubuck Sample
Via Wizdomlakers and Yotecity.

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  1. WTF?! Some more bulls***! first they f*** up my IV's now my III's too?! why!!!!!!!!!!!!! why replace the leather?!

    1. you know, i gotta admit, Nubuck isnt the worst thing that COULD have happened to this shoe. But, why change the recipee when everyone loves the food? you kno what i mean. I feel your pain on this. But I think this is jordan brand tryin to "keep with the times" and do something new to an old school kick.



  3. like I commented on the IV's… THIS IS A SAMPLE PPL. I know JB has been know to F* * * up alot of the customers personal favorites in the last couple of years (IMO the Charcoal XI, which is one of my personal holy_grails) BUT CMON SON, someone should SERIOUSLY be FIRED at JB for even letting this BS get out. And the Hell with that "JB tryin to keep with the times", I want that Ol' Thang Back!!! ( in my Biggie voice)

  4. Jesus people, you guys need to calm down. Look, I love shoes (and that means all brands unlike you narrow minded Jordan d**k riders) but it's all right if Jordan plays around and experiments. If all they keep doing is OG clolrways everybody just bitches and complains that "I got those last time the retroed them" but if they try anything new all I see is "Stick to the OG. I don't like anything new or different." Personally, I prefer Jordan try new ideas and take some chances, tired of the same ol', same ol.