Over the last two years, we’ve only seen three retro releases of the Air Jordan II- one came in a CountDown Package with an Air Jordan XXI that not too many were excited about. The other two were extremely limited: one was an online drop that paid homage to rapper Eminem, and the other was a part of the Doernbecher Charity. But 2010 could be a mini Air Jordan II revival year, as we already know of an Air Jordan II in metallic silver releasing. Now, another pair of the Air Jordan II- this one in a white/orange/navy colorway- has been confirmed for a Spring 2010 drop. The pair pictured here shows the back heel sporting “NIKE,” but things could very well change between now and release date. So enjoy the pictures we’ve provided here and stay tuned for developing news.

Via NikeTalk.


  1. the II's are the most underrated jordans ever, what people do not seem to understand is that WITHOUT THE SUCCESS OF THE II's THERE WOULD BE NO III-2k10's. As for changing the NIKE sign that would just ruin one of the last remaining symbols of the OG jordans

  2. nahh these joints is iight. i only like one pair of 2s an thats the ogs red an white. ill prolley never get a pair.

  3. Nice colorway. I really dont wear to much but when i decide to these will be a good shoe to sport. Ephram Salaam who plays for the Detroit lions had these on during an interview for one of the films he has helped Deon Taylor produce called The hustle Starring Charlie Murphy. I saw the interview on youtube, Type in The hustle movie and it should pop up