We kicked this week off by reporting on an Air Jordan I retro high that is set to release at some point in 2010 as part of a celebration of 25 years of Air Jordans. And when Jordan Brand wants to do it big, it certainly knows how to. Now we’d like to bring you information regarding the packaging in which this retro AJ I will be enveloped. Pictured here are a number of briefcases, which will be in what this commemorative AJ I retro high is packaged. Similar to the briefcase that accompanied OG pairs of the AJ XVII, this briefcase comes in silver and promises to be bulky enough to protect your AJ Is from most scratches while you transport them from place to place. If the shoe itself isn’t attention-grabbing enough, then this complementary briefcase packaging should put them over the top. With a rumored release date of Spring 2010, stay tuned for more information as it becomes available.


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  1. I just want the case to put my '94 bred 1's in. I wouldn't be surprised if jb charges 150 for these. hahaha

  2. just wondering, will jb be doing the same next year for Aj2, and the following with Aj3 and so forth.. cause that would be fire

  3. Why is JB putting the Retro 1 in a briefcase for the 25th Anniversary and making the shoe silver…


    You're an idiot.. They're silver because 25th Anniversary is a SILVER Anniversary. They're going in a SILVER briefcase because this is the Jordan 1, as in the beginning shoe… get it?

    I swear, some people were stupid BEFORE they started smoking weed.

    If you don't have the cash, or the brains, or the balls, then don't buy 'em. All these haters out here… how bout this, don't buy these 1's in this briefcase…

    Go buy you some Vans from Shoe Carnival you broke mini-skirt wearing street walker.

  4. uh rob ur rant was un-called for but these shoes are mad trash but ima buy em just to say i have em

  5. JB might as well offer the briefcase for sale all the time, everyone always loves it, maybe this time around they will make them worth a damn, bc the ones that came with the 17's were trash, things fell apart like crazy! Awesome concept though, I'm down.

  6. Jeez…… sum of these haters need to stop hatin u prolly not even gonna buy the kickz so shut yours pussies!!! Bussta asss niqqas

  7. i agree with DB3, that would be hot. i have to admit tho, i wish they would have put as much effort into the shoe as they did to the suitcase. the silver looks like it would easily scratch off…..

  8. The case is very important to protect my AJ Is from scratches and dust, I love these shoes