Air Jordan I (1) Low - Brown Cement Print 

Love it or hate it, 2009 is slowly and steadily becoming the year of the Air Jordan I (1). With releases such as the Pewter Air Jordan 1 Retro High and the Air Jordan I (1) Retro High Strap – A Tribe Called Quest, Jordan Brand is bringing back their first numbered model with unique and new colorways. The latest Air Jordan 1 to be featured is the AJ1 Low seen above which puts a new twist on the classic cement print most known for its appearance on the Air Jordan III (3). This pair yields a white upper with brown cement print on the toebox and midpanel, a beige swoosh, and a begie outsole. Overall, this Air Jordan 1 Low yields a clean and simple colorway which nicely contrasts with the unique brown cement print. An official release date is unknown, but they are now available on the ‘Bay.

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Air Jordan I (1) Low - Brown Cement Print

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  1. whats up with the swoosh all of a sudden?

    this is a dunk with a slightly different tounge plain and simple.

    jordan makes too many shoes a year but lack quality

    word to nike:less is more

  2. -jordan is trying to replace nike

    nike blazer-Jordan PHYl

    Nike dunk-Air jordan 1

    NIke Dunk low-Air jordan 1 low

    I kinda like the idea…

  3. Stop with the shit about Jordan copying Nike when first, Jordan IS Nike and second, the 1 released in '85 and the dunk in '98. Get some knowledge before you talk kix.