The Air Jordan VI (6) Fusion has received a lot of love from sneakerheads across the world lately due to its many distinct similarities to what many consider the greatest Jordan model ever, the Jordan VI (6). We now have pictures of the Air Jordan Fusion VI (6) Low that will be releasing alongside the high’s in 2009. These low’s feature the popular Air Force One sole and the Jordan VI’s unique ankle cushion in order to yield an extremely comfortable sneaker. With the use of a couple different shades of black, this sneaker provides a clean and classy look that we are used to seeing from some of Jordan Brand‘s elite sneakers. Notated by text on the side of the sneaker that reads “Sample 047”, we can easily tell that this model is only a sample and will most likely have a few key changes before it is released sometime in 2009. Via RealHoop


  1. Wow now the white/red/blk/ fusion 6 high was nice…but these wtf?!?! JB what in yo monkey ass mind would give you the idea that this would be a good idea. Be real wit yoself, would you wear this shit???. Stop givin the public these bullshit ass variations on shoes and stick to what the Jordan brand began with…quality.

  2. these suck can jb dishonor such a great shoe by mixing it with such a cheap quality shoe?shame on jb for doing this.i wish jb would stop b4 they get to the 13s,11s,7s,8s, and 15s.especially the 11s 7s and 15s cuz idk how they will make it work on those or the 1s.

  3. shut the hell up all yall dumbass retroheads…just cuz jb aint releasin grape ice v's or infrared vi's every damn weekend aint no reason ta flip a bitch…get ur heads out ur asses & ur minds out the past & b open to some new ideas plz…now granted im not a fan of everythin they put out but for real everything they put out now all yall is "HELLLL NAHHH" or w/e…& personally these dont look that bad…i think they incorperate just enuff of the vi & just enuff of the af1 n em…& obviously the qualitys bad but its a damn sample…but yea im done preachin…the shoe aint bad

  4. I like fusions, although I'm starting to hate the Fusion 6 highs with a passion. these aren't nearly as bad as the high tops.

  5. I just died alittle inside….Why did JB even start fusions? No jordan shoe ever even resembled an air force one…its a disgrace. If they do this to the 11's or the 8's i might just never wear another jordan shoe again…STOP THE MUTANTS!

  6. jordan brand PLEASE STOP THE MADNESS with ALL THE FUSIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




    the fusion V's lows were digusting

    and the VI's are just w/e

    ur fucking up

  8. These are trash come on jb really wtf you guys doing over there we should go nd slap tha shit outta all you dumb fucks


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