Air Jordan Defining Moments Package (DMP) - Converse Samples

The Air Jordan Defining Moments Package (DMP) was definitely one of the best sneaker packages to ever release. The DMP consisted of the Air Jordan 6 (VI) DMP and the Air Jordan 11 (XI) DMP, two of the most sought after Air Jordan sneakers upto date. What most people are not aware of is the fact that Jordan Brand was going to make the DMP package contain three pairs of sneakers and retail at $500. The third sneaker that was planned to release was the Converse Pro Leather All-Star sample that is shown above. There was an extremely limited quantity of the Converse samples produced and they were all never made available to the public. This Converse Pro Leather All-Star features a white and gold colorway which is highlighted by the “23” on the heel in Carolina Blue and the image of Michael Jordan making the game winning shot to win his first NCAA championship ever on the heel as well. Making this pair even more special is the fact that Michael Jordan himself wore the Converse Pro Leather All-Stars throughout his college career with the North Carolina Tarheels. These were never released to the public and will most likely never be released in the future either. Via RIF.

Air Jordan Defining Moments Package (DMP) - Converse Samples

Air Jordan Defining Moments Package (DMP) - Converse Samples


Air Jordan Defining Moments Package (DMP) - Converse Samples

Air Jordan Defining Moments Package (DMP) - Converse Samples


  1. i should have read the cutline up top…my bad haha (^^^ obviously the dude i was talkng to didn't read it either)


    idiots dont even kno history…

    anyway…yall thats hatin…damn…i just feel sorry for you cuz if i could get these id rock the hell outtof em

  3. Is this why they bought converse seems like this would be a reason and they never said it. To bad they did not release them

  4. I think these would of been kind of tight. Stickie213 and all you other catz need to learn your god damn history. Im sick of these "so called" sneaker heads going out to buy shoes and not know shit about it. Just like the SUCK-MY-KIX idiot.

  5. If only these would've been in the pack,they wouldn't have sold out so fast and I would've gotten my pack…lol

  6. at first jordan wanna sign wit converse bc thur one of the biggest sneaker compony b4] but converse rejected him or suin… then nike offer him to sign wit em… thats the story…

  7. it wouldve been nice to seen these in the pack….just to mix it up plus to respect what jordan has done in college and in the NBA great concept to bad they didnt follow through

  8. These is tight ass hell. I'm glad they didnt come out in the DMP's…that would have pushed the price up even more, and I paid too much money as it is for my DMP's.

  9. I think that we can expect to see these in about 3yrs or less. Nike will realize some time soon that these bs jordans they've been putting out ain't selling….and they have to come new and creative to get people excited about the brand again. Plus it would push the converse brand even more and maybe they can start selling more Dwade's

  10. shiit that wouldve for sure been a hell of a package an that kid up top sounds like bow wow with his ignorance hahaha them cons look clean

  11. ok ok dem iz fresh dey should of release dis package wit 3 i would of deff copp it

    peeps on here can tel dat SUK-MI-KIX iz a dumbass nike bought converse n jordan did wear it in college i have a pic of him wearin dem wen he played 4 da tarheels…learn ur history 1st b4 yal say anything lol dumbass nigga lol





  13. hands down this pack would of been even more SICKER then it was..haha ppl plz get ur history tight just like u like ur shoe game is tight

  14. they shouldent put it in the package cause simply ppl only wear converse if theyre chucks dem things hella ugly jordan has shoes he dosent need them things

  15. SUK-MI-KIX: #1 Nike owns Converse. They are a division of Nike so that's why Nike considered them for the pack. #2 Mike wore this model at UNC same color and design(w/o the silhoutte and 23 on the back and special tongue). #3 Mike at first didn't even want to meet with Nike about a shoe endorsement until his mom and dad told him to go because Nike extended an invitation for him to come and they told him not to disrespect them. He wanted to sign with Converse because that's what he wore in college and Bird & Magic were wearing them. But when he saw what Nike had(a shoe that was specially made for him with his name on it)he couldn't believe it and signed the same day. And for those who say these are ugly. YA'LL sleep cause these were the shoe back in the late 70's early 80's when Dr.J wore em'.

  16. these suck no wonder they didnt bring them a converse wearer nd these is nawt the best converse ive seen