Air Jordan Countdown Pack 22 / 1

Just in case you missed the earlier post on the 8th installment of the Air Jordan Countdown Pack series, we offer yet another website offering the latest package. Made up of the Air Jordan 1 and Air Jordan 22, both follow a similar white and black theme. As most Countdown Packs go, it offers one of the earliest styles along with one of the most recent styles. However, in this case it goes back to what it started with, the Air Jordan 1.

09/20/2008 Jordan Countdown Pack 8
Jordan 1 Retro High White/Black
Jordan 22 Retro White/Black

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  1. Easyly not worth 300+ USD. Up to now most of the packages have been a disappountment because of the awful quality. Lookin' forward to the III & XX package.

  2. Both of them R weak-sauce. I'm tired of the 1's 'cause they've been retro'd 4 the longest.

  3. terrible! Who would wear ones that aren't one of the two original colorways? you just wearin dunks with a jordan logo if you ain't the original colorways.

  4. these have to be the worst cdp to release so far,especially not worth the money

  5. these are a waste of your money my cousin bought em at and theyre comfortable but they look horriblr and plain

  6. d_j@ay theyve been known 4 a while…no1s gonna go 2 tht no name website & get filled up w/ spam & shit…they got the colors right here on sneakerfiles…

    neway i mean the packs subtle but not boring i dnt think…quality acctually doesnt look 2 bad n this pic…theyre def startin 2 grow on me…its not wat i was expectin 4 the i/xx2 but its def lookin better

  7. The ones look like high top dunks, easily can go for a cheap pair of dunks people wouldn't know they were jordans, the 22's who bought them at all. I Been Gettin My Heart Broken Because its only two quality packages, the 6's in the 17's and 10's and 13's, and the 10's were not the hype. So I'm Hoping Hoping That I Will Get An Beautiful Surpise On The 11's And 12's… High Expectations

  8. JB is really botchin these CDPs. seems as tho the packs only put out one pair worth wearin, the other having me want to toss in the trash, which has me spendin 300+ on virtually 1 pair of kicks. JB needs to stick with OG colorways instead of butchering classics. why fix what's not broken?

  9. Someone needs FIRED at JB! How lazy does it get when you drop this and then charge $310… they'll be filling the clearance racks!

  10. i find it funny that if you know where to look you can get better colorways for the ones on sale, and bay 150 max and probably pay more like 100 or less. than this crap is gonna cost 310! lol

  11. man the 1's are plain and simple black and whit but they still alright. but 22's i think ill pass..Waitin 4 the 8/15 in november or the 11/12 n december depending on how 12's look

  12. Stop whining. If you don't like them don't buy them, at least they're better than some of the other packs. And to the guy who said you're just wearing dunks, ya they are similar but if you even just glance at the shoe you can tell the difference. L2 Sneakers.

  13. agree with XG.

    they did a horible job with this pack…bt then again…the 22 are still young cant relaly retro …and the I's been…soooo over retro'd and burned out already in sooo many colors and style [velcro,phat…]. suprise no BULLS color [BRED]

  14. Maaaaaaaaaaaad Cheap like all the retros 1 included the '94 that I canno't really understand why they go for wild money they should remake the AJKO maybe it comes out nice like the last AF1 canvas drops

  15. brennan, i agree with u. this package is probably the worst/ugliest package coming out. definately not worth 310.

  16. Man to all my J heads these are juss plain pathetic. its like jb isn't even tryin to make a quality shoe they just collectin this money from us every month. i mean real talk i have bought just 1 package i wanted the 16's for a long time now but other than that what shoe has really been fire.NONE the 17's were hot but had that trash cloth material the 9's ok but the 13's wasn't nowhere near og mateiral or even retro. yo i hope the last pack is as hot as it sounds or i'm done with it. Last thing other retro kicks are hotter than j's the pippens are fire and the penny 2's look good

  17. "terrible! Who would wear ones that aren’t one of the two original colorways? you just wearin dunks with a jordan logo if you ain’t the original colorways."

    – Severalthieves

    smh. shows how much he knows