Air Jordan 7 Olympics x Skull Candy Promo Sample On eBayThe World Basketball Festival was a hit to say the least. All of the displays, pop-up shops and some of the most rare pieces of footwear art are now gone. For those lucky enough to attend such a ground breaking and eventful weekend were not disappointed.

If you were to have been able to snatch up a pair of the 1 of 23 Air Jordan VII x Skull Candy Promos for sale what would you do with it? Well, eBay seller amarac9910 has posted his pair up for auction. From what is seen in the images (after the jump) he was lucky enough to have gotten 2 pairs, so parting with one isn’t such a hard task when you have a back up.

Not sure how much it was originally purchased for, but the starting bid for these 1 of 23’s are at a whopping $3,000.00! You can easily Buy It Now if you’d like as well… it’ll only cost you $7,000.00 + shipping.

If you are interested go ahead and click HERE to place a bid. Or just hit the jump and drool a little bit over some more images.

Via eBay