Today we have a first look at an all new colorway place on the Air Jordan 2012.

Nubuck panels lay over the Skinwire uppers adding some protection of the thin Flywire structure while Grey laces, inner boot and outsole are featured as well. There are said to be three different models (options) of the Jordan 2012 along with a full packaged set giving you all three cushion & fit options.

This particular colorway looks as if we may be seeing these on the feet of some Tarheels soon so stay tuned.

Via AaronKnows

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  1. There is no colorway that will make this look good. It’s like a Wade Fly 2 and they decided to turn it to a wingtip dress shoe by stiching random crap on it.

  2. Maaan, I was just saying the same thing b4 I read your blog. This is truly the worst looking Jordan ever including: TEAM JORDANS, AJF, and JORDAN boots in my opinion. Str8 to DVD.

  3. you are all idiots all the new jordans in the retro line including the 2010 and 2011 are focusing on performance not look just like the fly wade’s all the new shoes are for performance they dont give a flying shit about the looks when they know they can sell retros to anyone and everyone

  4. What are these dress sneakers? JB you need new designers. Form and function. Style and performance. Quality,looks,higher price. What is going on? Yes I’m talking about all the recent retro releases also.

  5. They really couldn’t do anything with these as far as colorways, or extra perks. The outlets should have em pretty quick I would think. These have had me searchin for a pair of white and black 2011’s here in Cali. Havent seen em at the outlets yet though. These are just sad. No wonder young dudes r walking around in vans………

  6. Come on Jake, you these joints are some bull$#!+. You dont have to compromise looks like this for performance. You cant tell me out of a whole year they cant come up with a better design than this.