Dwyane Wade debuted an all new colorway of the Air Jordan 2011 earlier against the Knicks.

In case you couldn’t get a close enough look while they were on his feet, here are some images to hold you over until they hit retail. Has any of the four colorways sparked your interest?

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  1. He did it again….Picture MJ on these bad puppies instead of the 14’s when he killed Utah in Utah for their 6th ring….now that’d b cold as ice!
    MUST COP!!!!

  2. In before the broke dudes. These are fire. Wade got the nicest sneakers of the year so far.

    Will cop first day.

  3. these are as good as any sneaker this year. definitely better than any lame low top kobes with as much support as a damp tissue. the leather on these are amazing. im certainly picking these up. I HOOOOOOPE we can finally make an effort to pull these off shelves fast!! we can resurrect

  4. the black on the toe box throughout the upper look shinier than the previous colorway previews. is it the same material?

  5. Well………so far that’s 4 definite copped kicks. The Year of the Rabbit’s the hottest to me tho! But, all will be in the collection. 25 years of doin’ it so why stop now!!

  6. these are better but not as good as yall are making them out to be! lol you donks will buy anything but these are way way way way way better than the blk wht but still will wait til they hit clearance! retros all day!

  7. i heard the AJ11 Space Jam Retros are THE LEAST comfortable, almost cheap-like. and AJ11 Cool Grey Retros’ toe box has some irritation. so, they are hyper stylish but not comfortable as their newest counterkicks like LBJ v1 and maybe these AJ2011s.

  8. I will def get these especially if I dont get the YOTR colorway………anybody know where I can order the YOTR’s???

  9. picked up the white/blk and white/blue all stars so far and they are by far the most comfortable shoe released in the AJ line. The premium leather is super flexible too, makes for a great fit. Inner sock liner/bootie is awesome too, well done Tinker and JB. These blackouts go hard, wish they would ditch the patent leather though and stick with the premium natural leather like the white/blk.