Yesterday, on his Twitter, Dwyane Wade share the four Player Exclusive versions of the Air Jordan 2010 he’s been wearing on N.B.A. courts this season. Each shoe features some white/red or black/red color combination, and, to be honest, I have no idea why! “WADE” is printed underneath the laces, where the public only gets boring ol’ JORDAN. As for the shoes, I detest them. Why, you ask? You see that plastic cutout? That’s where I usually keep my “stash” at, and with the plastic window in place . . . well, in short, I can’t be havin’ that!

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  1. Dont matter what color the 2k10s are, these shoes are still but ugly! Pass all day and everyday!

  2. beautiful shoe, too bad those pictures are terrible!!!!!

    In stock size: Men US8–13,Euro 41—47


  3. we got to know there have got more picture of Jordan 2010 from this website: more picture of Jordan 2010 shoes.