Air Jordan 15 SE More Colorways

Just a week ago we had the privilege to see a pair of the Air Jordan 15 SE, now we have three new colorways to show you, plus the original Jordan 15 SE shown before. Featuring a futuristic vent on the side, and thats pretty much the only difference from the original Jordan 15 released.

Overall, not bad at all, I just hope not every pair released is limited. The two Air Jordan 15 SE on the left release April 12th 2008 and the two pairs on the right release June 1st 2008. Via Nemesis.

Air Jordan 15 SE More Colorways


  1. the 8s and 15 ive played in. but the 8s are really comfortable the 15s are light and durable its what you want

  2. the 8s dont really have a colorway that look good playin in. i got the aqua 8 and they dont touch the court. im gonna playin them all black 15s tho when they come out they got good support with that big toungue

  3. Maybe coo. OG's are better tho. These haven't that raw appearance like them OG's. Also there will be some hype arround SE's because of the "limited" trick. Again.

  4. i like these but their going to come out again with the 8s 2 equal 23 so if your a j fan buy them if your not then dont because these dont even look like they should be in the jordan line-up

  5. I saw the other picture of them and I thought that the colorway was hot. I'm feling the vent added on to the side. The colorways seen here are ok but, they're just a artist' rendition. Can't wait to see a finished and, detailed picture. More than likely it's going to be a hot shoe. I just hope there's not an astronomical price tag on them and if so, add a limited edition jacket or, hoodie to go with them. Unitll the drop or, more detailed flicks… I'll give them a lil' love… 3 and a 1/2 out of 5.

  6. I know no one will believe me but i had these.

    They were ill. I had them late last year so everyone who saw me wit them though i had some fakes on.

    One thing i will say is that they fit very tight on the top of your foot. other than that theywere fine

  7. I wit most yall who said the 15's are ugly as ****!!!!

    The **** wit whoever gets these peices of ****!!!!

    What the **** was MJ think'n when he made deese?!

    Screw u if u get em,



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