Gum soles are definitely in for the coming season, with Jordan Brand getting into the mix with a new colorway of their Air Jordan 1 Velcro Low. Featuring a black leather/woven nylon upper, gum midsole, and sandwiching black outsole, the model certainly ranks along side the other Jordan fall releases we’ve seen. The low-top sneaker is available now from Kumastock and other Jordan retailers.



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  1. Absolutely hideous! Sneakerfiles or JB, owes me a new keyboard! I just threw up and ruined this one after looking at that crap.

  2. Man, now they make Jordans for senior citizens. They are awful! Whats with the velcro straps? All they need now is some J's with the rubber soles!! Do these come with Medical Alert Monitoring! F*** Outta Here!!

  3. am i buggin? looks like an olive color to me. i really like these, haha, along with the jetstreams that released a while ago.