Air Jordan 1 Price Increase 2020 Release Date Info

2020 will be another big year for the Air Jordan 1 while we have previewed multiple colorways releasing. However information has leaked that a possible price increase could take place next year.

From zsneakerheadz, the Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG could possibly go up $10. Originally the retail price is $160 but in 2020, the price would now be $170. Also lunching in 2020 is the Air Jordan 1 High 85 which will come with a price increase at $190.

From our inside sources, this price hike is not just on the Air Jordan 1, but we have heard that it will also be on other models including Nike.

While the $10 price increase may not be much at first, it does add up over time. What is your thoughts on the price hike in 2020? Will you still be purchasing at the same rate? Once more information is available we will make sure to update.

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  1. See, THIS is what I’ve been talking about. I understand Nike capitalizing on the insane Jordan 1 demand. It’s business. I understand resellers capitalizing on demand. It’s business. Often very opportunistic with the tactics resellers use (i.e. using others for multiple raffle entries, using cars full of people to stand in line, bots, backdooring etc.) but, still business. But, I knew what would eventually happen is an unnatural inflation of price because resellers are getting consumers accustomed to paying higher prices. Nike will intelligently gradually increase prices to get some of that reseller margin. Sad thing is, it will leave true sneaker heads stuck paying higher prices for the same or worse quality. As the margins decrease, resellers will back away. Of course, certain kicks will always have resell viability regardless of the price. But, as that list of hyped releases shrinks so will the resellers. It took almost a decade for 1’s to reach $160. It’s going to take even less for them to crack $200 or get uncomfortably close.


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