Air Jordan 1 Low Phat - Winter 2008 Collection

With the majority of the focus being directed toward the Countdown Package and Retro models, Jordan Brand initiates a collection of Air Jordan 1 Low Phat to pay homage to the history of the Air Jordan 1 and skateboarding. Modified to fit the growing skateboarding scene, the Air Jordan 1 Low Phat consists of padding on the inside of the sneaker and on the tongue, much like Nike’s Skateboarding line of sneakers.

For those who aren’t familiar with the correlation of the Air Jordan 1 and skateboarding, at one point in time it was the sneaker of choice due to the lack of skateboarding sneakers. However, it has come a long way since then and traces back to one of its originally uses through a collection of sneakers ranging from original Air Jordan inspired color-ways to college based models including Georgetown, a similar design seen on the Air Jordan XV earlier this year. 

Air Jordan 1 Low Phat - Winter 2008 Collection
Air Jordan 1 Low Phat – Winter 2008 Collection

Air Jordan 1 Low Phat - Winter 2008 Collection
Air Jordan 1 Low Phat – Winter 2008 Collection

Air Jordan 1 Low Phat - Winter 2008 Collection
Air Jordan 1 Low Phat – Winter 2008 Collection

Air Jordan 1 Low Phat - Winter 2008 Collection
Air Jordan 1 Low Phat – Winter 2008 Collection

Air Jordan 1 Low Phat - Winter 2008 Collection
Air Jordan 1 Low Phat – Winter 2008 Collection


  1. ^^^ I second that. I got about 4 pairs of AJI's and that was because two came in the BMP. Just waaaayyy too many of 'em in circulation. Starting to get like pennies

  2. Yeah I think they might be going nuts with the AJ1, but I wouldn't mind seeing a high top with skating in mind…

    Would actually make sense considering the AJ1 and it's history in skateboarding…

  3. ha so many ones cant wait for the velcro so i can get a good laugh thinking how jordans look like 4 year old kid shoes from the 90's

  4. Hey Kevin Chea shut the FUCK UP!!!!!!!!! aint mothing wrong with more retro 1's coming out there the ones that starteed it all so shut the fuck up bitch i can till your not a jordan fan if your not liking the ones. anyways sorry about that guys yea i like the two retro colors and the white, black, red ones.

  5. Once again you dumb ass people with this "Real JordanHeads, Real JordanFan, Real JB Supporter" bullshit.

    That shit is retarded as fuck in theory….

    JB can virtually place SHIT on a midsole, PISS on some lace locks, throw a gum-bottom sole and a damn Jumpman logo on a piece of leather…. CALL IT A SHOE and you would run to the store on Saturday morning with 3/4 of your minimum wage paycheck and buy it lol!

    Moral of the story kids:

    Not every JB product is hot… Just because someone else doesn't like the shoe doesn't mean they're not a "JordanHead" it just means they value hotter stuff.

    Like my Thunder 4's, OG Infrared 6, Euro Cool Grey Spiz'ikes, etc…

    Get your shoe game up

  6. dayum… so which ones ARENT going to be at footlocker?

    og breds n og french blues or what ever the fuck r the best..

    btw, ^IkonRadio^ , no one is over hyping shit in this blog

  7. Hmmmmm! Actually not bad! (the first two only!)

    But yeah, I'm actually pleasantly suprised! The white/black, & the black/red ones may well be copped!

  8. I don't skateboard, I do think they're too many 1s out but I like the Black and Blue, too bad the 15/8 and 11/12 packages are coming out this winter.

  9. omg!!! i got so many retro 1z it isnt funny i need some retro 3z i only got the fire redz nd the cool grey

  10. Damn these got a 3.87 they ok but think if some of these had a been high top or mid top wow they woulda been so cold b o well no cop for me i Hate Low Tops

  11. Damn, people are getting so critical of another's opinion in here…..EVERYBODY has an opinion man…if you dont like the shoe, then you dont like the shoe period….

    I agree that they are releasing A LOT of 1's and thats prolly cuz they have the cheap retail price and not much put into it so most of the general public will scoop them up and 2ndly it prolly only costs JB $10 to make so they make they're profit….are far as these colourways the 1st 3 pics are DEFINITELY clean and purchasable ESPECIALLY if you know a footlocker employee LOL….I would definitely grab a couple with my hook-up….

    BOTTOMLINE: Everybody is entitled to an opinion plain and simple man!…stop the hate!….WE'RE ALL sneakerheads in here, otherwise you wouldnt even be looking in here…PEACE!

  12. Damn!!!!! u shouldnt be hating, i agree that they have been releasing lots of AJ1, but most of it is the midtops, but com'mon it's like the OG colorway were talking here(first 2) is a musssttt cop of your a AJ fan.

  13. even though there are a lot of aj 1's these are definitely something hot and different and should be appreciated you know…i cant even pick a favorite…CRAZY!

  14. the ones are my favorite jordan but i guess i might cop like 3 pairs of these just the georgetowns and the og colorways

  15. ! a yo iconRadio shut the fuck up! stop talking mad shit!!!!! stop hatin u FUCKIN CUM DUSTER!!!!!!!!

  16. You're going to answer what you expect and where you think a high top is going. If That shit is positive, typically the response in a high top is positive. This is jordans you need to start That shit.

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