Air Jordan 1 (I) Retro High - Hall of Fame (HOF) Pack

We have already seen the “Hall of Fame” Air Jordan Six Rings and Air Jordan 2009 (2K9), and we now have our first look at the Air Jordan 1 from Jordan Brand’s upcoming HOF Pack. This sneaker hosts a black leather upper accented by red inner lining, a black patent leather swoosh, white and grey numbers which are meant to represent various moments from Michael Jordan’s career, a white out-sole, and a black patent leather heel. Overall, this pair yields a clean and fresh new variation of a classic model. The “Hall of Fame (HOF)” Air Jordan 1 Retro High is rumored to release in September when Jordan will be inducted into the NBA Hall of Fame.

Via FlightClub.

Air Jordan 1 (I) Retro High - Hall of Fame (HOF) Pack

Air Jordan 1 (I) Retro High - Hall of Fame (HOF) Pack

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  1. Now that I have seen the 2009s, the 6 Rings and the 1s, I can't wait to see the what the 3s will look like!!!

  2. Now that I have seen the 2009s, the 6 Rings and the 1s, I can't wait to see what the 3s will look like!!!

  3. I would cop not a bad 1 at all no matter if all yall hate it and say its wack or wutever and I can't wait til mike gets inducted into tha hof congratulations

  4. jordan 1s again..

    too much jordan 1s released.. seriously JB this has to end.

    there are other great shoes to be retroed, but jordan 1s have been used alot already,

  5. These look dope from the back then when u turn it around the numbers kill it for me could of been jus murdered out i like em enough tho and stop actin like jb gonna listen to yall about dropin so many 1s i luv the 1s but ya drop sum decent colors i get it id rather have 1s then dunks so whatever….

  6. Well, I am not hating these, I just have seen enough 1s, I want to see other Jordans in this HOF pack, like the 13s, the 6s, the 11s, etc. Just sick of 1s. Jordan can keep making them, they can stay on store shelves…

  7. Nah. I got my hands full getting the True Blue's, Metallic 1's, 7's, and Space Jams. I'll pass on these.

  8. if you are a true jordan collector you will at least have one of the hall of fame shoes, because this is a very important shoe, it marks the induction to the best player to ever step foot on a court

  9. You guys are ridiculous, these are hot. You guys are going to buy them despite your hate.It's so sad.

  10. Too many of "too many 1s being released" comments!! Come on haters, retro some new comments!!!

  11. Man the are strait Heat. If your a sneakerhead you gotta luv these. Beautiful shoe. I don't mind the 1's keepem commin. Definitely copped. Perfect color combination!!!!!!!!!!

  12. these shits are sick dude… its better when they make more 1s cus the rest of the other shoes they make look like shit especially the fusions!! fuck those shits r ugly dude!!!

  13. wow i really dont no wat you dont like about them there hot and im goin too bye them lol i like them HOF = SUCESS

  14. Check it out everyone, I just copped a pair of these from a hook up I have and they are sicker in person. Straight HEAT !!!!!!!! Dont sleep on these Im tellin U.

  15. ohh my fuckin gosh these are bombAF

    i haad to gett emmm

    omg hmmm ; i love the 1's

    got every pair

    dudeeee if youu dnt have these then youu suck lol