Air Jordan 2009 (2K9) - Hall of Fame (HOF) Pack

Last month, we previewed the “Hall of Fame” Air Jordan Six Rings, and we now have our first look at the Air Jordan 2009 (2K9) from that same HOF Pack. As most already know, this upcoming pack from Jordan Brand has been created in order to celebrate Michael Jordan’s entrance into the NBA Hall of Fame. This pair hosts a black patent leather toe box and side panel, whereas the out-sole is white, inner lining is red, and the mid-panel features various numbers which are meant to represent various moments from Michael Jordan’s career. The “Hall of Fame” Air Jordan 2009 (2K9) is set to drop around September when MJ will be inducted into the NBA Hall of Fame.

Via Kenlu.

Air Jordan 2009 (2K9) - Hall of Fame (HOF) Pack

Air Jordan 2009 (2K9) - Hall of Fame (HOF) Pack

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  1. Damn, these are the only 09's that look okay. JB needs to step thier game up. Hope the 2010's dnt look like garbage.

  2. You guys are idiots for buying this stuff pay a morgage that's what's up I got over 40ty pairs of jays what a waste of time and money. You live and you learn I guess. I'm done with jb

  3. These are gastly! Normally when J's come out they have about 20 different colorways before the year is out. So far they've only got 2. Guess they figured they need to go back to the drawing board on these. I hope they don't plan on selling them for $200 either.

  4. I am sorry I love J's and MJ but there is way too much happening all at once on this shoe. Swing and a miss!!!!

  5. I have to admit…..i first thought the 2k9's were the most horrible shoes ever. but i didnt realize how advanced the technology is on these shoes. and i have started to see them on people's feet and they are starting to look kinda cool! trust me……i never thought id be saying this stuff.

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  7. Stuntastic, there were actually 3 colorways made of the 2k9s so far. the premier, white and black, and more recent black red and white. these are nice though

  8. The funny thing is these kicks are gonna go as unnoticed. First off, you damn well know half the people knockin this shoe is cuz other people saying they wack. Another reason is cuz most can't afford the $190 for em. But lemme just say, I own these Jordan 09's, and they are SICK kicks for ballin, which is essentially what they supposed to be.

    Besides, if u look right u can buy these for $100 like I did

  9. I copped the white/black 2009 on release day. Most comfortable, and most advanced Jordan ever.

    2009s haven't sold because they've got lukewarm styling and a high price, but I personally like the pricing.

    There need to be higher-end Jordans for people like myself that want basketball shoes to wear on the court, or to the club, or out to eat because we're grown, have jobs, etc and want to spoil our feet with some heat.

    I hope the Air Jordan 2010 is $210, the Air Jordan 2011 is $225, etc, etc, etc.

    Let the teenagers and broke dudes my age (27 years old) fight over my used shoes when I throw 'em on eBay. When only one of them can win let them fight over a color of a Jordan from years past that didn't sell that they can cop for $100. Let them fight over bootlegs, B-grades, and Under Armour.

    I've been wearing Jays since kindergarten (1987) and I take pride in the 22 years that the shoes have kept me moving. I don't buy every Jordan, nowadays I wear 10-12 pair of new Jordans a year and the other 10-12 I buy go in the closet in Ziploc bags… Big deal, if you can't spend a couple hundred bucks on some shoes get a better job, or a second job, or flip your money, hustle, grind, go to college, do whatever you gotta do to come up. Michael did.

  10. At Footlocker here in Los Angeles, today I saw these red, white & black Hall Of Fame 2k9's for $200 a pair. Sadly, yet oddly even the salespeople weren't trying to push them. They were like:Okay, there they are if you want them! The folks over there at JB should just "STOP" and give more thought to their design and pricing models. Over at JB, they seem to employ a "Throw It Out There And See What Sticks" mode of production which definitely isn't conducive with their price scheme as folks aren't buying an "OKAY" looking shoe for an extreme price under the notion that they're the lucky ones investing into the "FUTURE" of athletic shoe technology and design. JB,PLEASE stop, look, listen, take your time and get it right as especially in today's economic climate, folks must demand the Jordan quality they've grown to love rather than succumb to product loyalty in an overly priced, mediocre product.