Air Jordan 1 - I Premier 332134-631 Varsity Red Dark Army White

The label on the Titanium Air Jordan XX3 box brands the sneakers with word ‘Premier.’ Premier of what? Premier of the Air Jordan XX3? Oh, ok… It made sense at the time. Now we have a peek at the Air Jordan 1 Premier, set to release in a handful of cuts and colors. Why is the big brand branding upcoming Air Jordan 1 releases with the word premier? Anyone… anyone?

The release date for the Varsity Red/Dark Army-White colorway (pictured above) is slated for November 8, 2008. Via: Kenlu

Air Jordan I Retro Hi Premier
Release Date 11/08/2008
Style # 332134-631
Colorway Varsity Red/Dark Army-White
Retail Price $115.00

Air Jordan 1 - I Premier 332134-631 Varsity Red Dark Army White


  1. I actually really like these ill probably end up coppin them… the laces need 2 go tho maybe red laces would look good

  2. it most def is tha quality

    look at tha satin inner paddin on tha ankle its outragous

    me and my homeboy cant decide if its like moss green or grey

  3. Shit these r better then some of the low phat 1's and the hi top laeser 1's but still wen u cop a pair of Jordans do you really need to look for pair of premier?? At a point in the sneaker game (when MJ played) all Jordans were Premier with out tellin ppl that they were. Try n play in any retros that came out in the past 6 to 7yrs…goood look.

    P.S. Fire gentrey!!!

  4. i co sign on quality because the CTP's have not been good quality wise than the OG's..but these r COLD..imma cop these and the olive black 6 rings that same day…man november is killen…lol…8th will have these and olive blk 6 rings, 22nd will have laser high 1s,28th motorsport 23s, and the 15/8 CTP drops as well..imma spend like a 1000 bucks that month on shoes..thas bananas.