Air Jordan 1 High Doernbecher

For the past few years, Nike and Jordan Brand teamed up with the Doernbecher Childrens’ Hospital teamed up to release a series of charity sneakers where the sales and proceeds contributed to the hospital. For the latest release, the Air Jordan 1 High seems to be the key shoe. Tony Taylor Jr a.k.a Mr. Bobber is the most recent designer to the Doernbecher Freestyle collection. Tayler fought Nephrotic Syndrome and had a successful kidney transplant. As for the sneakers themselves, they are packaged in a wooden with lasered text and graphics, featuring a gradient upper along with a beach scene outline, gold stitching and gum sole. Lastly, the sneakers also feature Tony on the tongue and is finished off with a tag that names some of the people who contributed to the surgery including his family and doctors.

Jayson Mayden and Estelle Maranan guided Tony with his vision of the project and the inspirations took inspiration from the very experiences of his life. This shoe will release November 14th along with four other Doernbecher children designed shoes. VIA SC.

Air Jordan 1 High Doernbecher

Air Jordan 1 High Doernbecher

Doernbecher Air Jordan 1 High

DoernbecherAir Jordan 1 High Doernbecher

DoernbecherAir Jordan 1 High Doernbecher

Tiger Woods’ autograph

DoernbecherAir Jordan 1 High Doernbecher


  1. see now this is whats wrong with society in 2008, all you dudes rockin these fruity ass colors. wtf?

    Hot? you sure? Their more interesting than anything else only cause their jordans…artwork on the tongue is ill no doubt but hot? ya'll are trippin. get off that homo eclectic shit man…these are horrid. Colors and all.

  2. stop hatin these kick are dope… an meatwad ur lame ur just mad becuz u dnt know how to match.. these are gonna be exclusive for sure…. when the doernbecher 2 dropped its not like it was in the mall or anything.. in order the get these its gonna be a online thing or sumtin… an ofcource there there gonna be limited just look at the dope box…. then 2 weeks later there we be online for an higher price


    the man on the tongue

    looks like the pharelle


    its probably goin to be a raffle

    or sumthn along those lines

  4. these is dope as fuck hoow u goin to say the are fruity niggas dont want to keep wearin the smae colors. and the are lightblue and black i neva knew those were fruity colors


  5. You dumbass people i wish all of you i mean some of yall would READ THE CAPTION behind the sneakers b4 you post sumthing…. It was a kid who designed these with sum help of others, the guy on the tongue is not pharelle jeez

    I would get them cause they look interesting and for a good cause they might come out at nike town just like the doernbecher 2's that came out last yr.

    im not gunna say nuffin else ima just shut up do ur homework kids.

  6. Lets be honest here. These kids are more creative than the designers they pay thousands to at nike right now…These shyts is fire!!!!

    Snitches support the kids.

  7. since when did black and blue become "fruity colors"??? them guys jus mad cuz they cant pull off sum kicks wit other colors besides red/black/white…im coppin these fa sho…AND THEY HIGH TOPS!

  8. these are nice . i mean they are a good collectors item and all . im gunna try and get me a pair most likely . what i wanna know is if they come wiht that box or not or are those just the auctioned pair ?

  9. I know all you jokers that like these better be teenagers! After reading a few post my questions were answered. A kid designed these. That sounds about right. Who else would want all that shit goin on on a fuckin sneaker? A child. That's cool, I ain't hatin on the kids, but as far as rockin these, man please. Real cats gone be laughin at anybody over the age of fifteen wearin these. And for all yall sayin what's the fruity part, it's tha light ass baby blanket blue and the piss in the bed yellow. Get out of here. Just cuz these hoes got the jordan symbol young bucks hype um up.

  10. one piece toe on some ones u cant b serious all u little girls can beat yall meat to these imma utilize them sk8 fa sho one piece toe cap on some ones needed these along time ago bring some more out not blow outs its like a dream but its also a good cause so big ups to tha kids designs tight yo dont be a turd who cares what people will say yall hatin cuz yall friends wouldn't let yall wearem

  11. goood looooooorrd!!!!!! damn i aint seen a 1 look so hottttt n fo evaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!! jaw droppin head turnin neck breakin son deez bitchez is clean as hell & so fire i think my pcscreen just got a 3rd ass degree burn like barker & AM son!!!!!!!! lovin this!!

  12. omg i saw dese my jaw fell ok i understand they 1s nd yea 1 r old skool nd ladida old heads gone h8 but ok old skool has classics LET THE NEW SKOOL HAVE SOME CLASSIC LET US HAVE SOMTHIN NICE FOR ONCE THESE GONNA BE NIIICE

  13. I know they for a good cause but they fugly as hell. They look like some payless fakes ya moms got you when u was a kid. gimme dem mcfly hyperdunks instead. the box is cool tho

  14. you dumbass niggas dont be mad a shoe cuz yu dont got enough swagg to rock dem yu stuck off new balances and reeboks nigga yu blind if say them shits hella ugly step yo swagg up wodae.

  15. i juss wanna know if they gonna come in that wooden box…these are defnly a collectors item, and for all dem dudes hate'n on the shoe, HI HATER!!! a lil kid made dess shoes, damn y u hate'n on him n u grown as hell…i guess hate'n never stops for some people

  16. these shits is clean…yall some haters the kid last wish was to make a Jordan shoe and all yall could do is hate on the dying kid…thats fucked up…for real..anyway man big ups to the kid these shoes is hott as hell…and God bless the kid. iFWRESH 2 DEATH..these is too HOTT!!!

  17. these are dope!!!!!…..anyone who believes jordan should only release basic colors ur an idiot,and this is coming from someone who loves jordan but im tired or red/black or white/black it 08 sneakers have come a long way….

  18. I waited up until 5am in the morning jut to get these shoes and…i know they are going to be dope for real…and Ferro you right, i am tired of red/black/white…its like Jordan is supporting bloods…im not tripping cuz most of my family is bloods but come one..and some more colors..

  19. these are dope I waited for an hour to cope them and why buy them and not wear 'em thats stupid Im gonna rock the shit out of 'em


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