Air Jordan 1 60+ Pack - Chicago vs. Boston

On April 20th 1986, Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls met with the Boston Celtics in game 2 of the 1986 playoffs. Larry Bird described MJ after the game; “It was God disguised as Michael Jordan”, after (Jordan) scored 63 points. Sadly, the Bulls came up short, and lost the game to the Celtics in double overtime. To accommodate this NBA pastime, Jordan Brand will release the Air Jordan 1 60+ Pack.

Two pairs of Air Jordan 1s are in the pack, one representing Michael Jordan and the Bulls, and the other: Boston Celtics. The Air Jordan 1 60+ Pack Chicago Bulls contain the legendary Black / Red color scheme, while the Boston Celtics Air Jordan 1 60+ Pack utilizes Green / Black – White. Release date is scheduled for July 1st 2009, and our good friends at Wellgosh will have a full size run.

Air Jordan 1 60+ Pack - Chicago vs. Boston

Air Jordan 1 60+ Pack - Chicago vs. Boston

Air Jordan 1 60+ Pack - Chicago vs. Boston


  1. the jordan 1s pack will definitly be purchased. after imma stand outside the store and sell the green ones lol!.

  2. nice! cant wait. bred 1s are classic n those green ones are fresh too. theyre like the black toe 1s that came out before just with green instead of red

  3. this pack is def must buy for me since I missed the strap ones and black/green is my favorite colorway, so this a no brainer.

    I hope it's only $200 like the "old love new love" 1 pack.

  4. idk the shape on those look HORRIBLE IMO. look at the back angle. could just be due to bad pictures, will have to see better pics to know if this is a cop.

  5. most definate would cop. Got the black/red w/ strap too. but I will just wear those n save black/red w/o strap

  6. im guessing the price is gonna be 310 and 400(can) like usual…

    hopefully a lil less like ppl are stating above me

  7. these are sooo played out and ugly… its u lame ass niggas that buy these shits thats y they wont release ne thing good …stop buyin jordans maybe he will have a reason to release something nice..

  8. BrooklynB ur the only one on here with something negative to say about the pack and thats fine but who the Fu*k are you to criticize anyone for what they like and buy, ur just a stupid arrogant bit*h. its simple don't buy the pack keep ur mouth shut and what till the fall and cop the XII's & XI's or are those lame and ugly too.

  9. just want the black reds the greens are staying in the box, probably rock those for st pattys next year…..

  10. These are fresh Bred 1's are classic Boston color way is fresh to lmfaooo that eddie house got smack and BrooklynB ur a ass lear a few things about jb's then u can drop a comment smh his ass don't know what a classic shoe is

  11. @ brooklynB… YO!!! what the fuck are you cryin about, the j's that are being retoed now is for all the people who didnt have a chance to get umm back in the day cuz they were to young, now we have a chance cuz we work thats the purpose off the word retro, IT WAS NEVER ABOUT YOU SON.

  12. IDK why I like these so much… but definitely a cop if they runnin for 200 like the old love new loove if its 310 like the otha packs… PASS!!!

  13. why didn't they use the color of the shoe he was wearing when he scored 63??? he was wearing the white/red/black Is.

  14. I really just want the breds but i could find somethin to rock with the green ones but no way in hell im payin $310 for the pack, i want old love new love price $200

  15. negro please, des garbage.the dam wings logo on da side aint even embroidered that sheit is stitched on like da hares JB cud suck a fat 1, i dont give a flying fluke if he scored 100 points in des. An its a dam shame the hi strap bred 1's look better than these big azz boats

  16. These r fly but they gotta b a huge size cuz they look like monsters…lol..these r really bad pics but I know they will have better..these will make 5 I's this year gurl just can't get enough of them retros…can't wait for the 60+ package with the 7's

  17. so is this technically a bred 1 retro? that tongue kinda kills it for me on the breds…i still may cop though.

  18. its guna be 200 or 220 at most … cuz j.b isint alowed to make jordans over original retail price unless its limited edition like Ls or sumthing yu feel me

  19. yea the tounge on the bred really kills my liking

    when will see some retro 6's or bordeux 7's or how bout them true blues or even sum laney fives

  20. u guys are stupid first of all they can at least put red laces on the bred 1's since they originally had red laces on them

  21. these r nice,tongue on the breds killed it tho.still might cop tho,tongue didnt kill it enough for an easy pass.

  22. i ain't payin no 310 for dese. it aint worth it. da green ones are strait ugly. i love dem red ones but just ain't worth 310. the high top 1's retail $115 at tops so add 115 and another and u get 230 not 310. make em cheap like the bmp.

  23. u kno what. better thinking. put the all black wings on da side and a nike on the tag and you have a deal with my 310 and many others…..aint dat right??

  24. I hate this pack, i waited 8hrs for tha highs with tha strap, didnt get them, bided 2 days on ebay to get them, and now he comes bk wit them again THATS LAME! now everybody gone have them takes away from tha value!

  25. I got the straps. the old love/new love package and I'm grabbing these. If you like 'em get 'em. If not don't. I feel some people negative comments as well. Its frustrating not being able to get your favorite pairs of J's.



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