Although Dwight Howard has held the title of the NBA’s resident Superman for sometime now, we’ve yet to see his nickname represented in his league footwear (although the Kryptonates kind of count as some sort of reverse shout out). But fear not, for the absent Red/Blue/Yellow color scheme of the Man of Steel will finally make its way into Dwight’s game wardrobe with the debut of this special ‘Magic Beast’ adidas TS Supernatural Commander colorway. Featuring a Red/Blue midsole, Red suede collar, Yellow straps, and a star-speckled upper (a reference to Superman’s alien status), the model sure is unique… and yet strangely reminiscent of the atmos x Ex-O-Fit High Reebok model from this Summer. At any rate, Dwight will be wearing the shoes on Christmas Day as the Magic take on the Boston Celtics, so make sure you tune in to really get a good look.


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  1. aw god, yuck! these are fkn disgusting! all the jordan crybabys should be lining up to cry about these just the same, these are a disgrace to dwight howards abilitys!

    Toni Braxton! Yes?