and Atmos team up to create a new space-savy colorway of the Reebok Ex-O-Fit Hi. Slated for release in both Red/Black/White and Blue/Black/White, the model features a glow in the dark star-speckled upper. Combined with matching glow in the dark outsoles, the sneakers should prove to be quite the spectacle come night fall. You can grab a pair from Atmos on September 1st.



Via Highsnobiety



  1. do the knowledge. these were in production long b4 the yeezy.

    but yall must the same group of people that jordan didnt wear cons. ignorant mofos…

  2. Hmm, pretty nice idea – not only glow in the dark, but a space effect.

    And yeezy knock off's?…They look nothing like the yeezy's for real. I'd understand people sayin Bape shoes are knock offs of other shoes…(they look REAL similar to other brands), but come on people, for real?

  3. David T. gotta be the most dumb person posting on this site lmao.

    they dont look "nothing" like yeezys huh? well explain the straps and tall tongue? where did those come from? how about the glow in the dark sole? lol fucking numbskull!

  4. You guys are retards. The Ex-O-Fits are the same model of the Yuun J. Reeboks that came out years ago WAY before the Yeezys were even conceived. Get your info straight, idiots.

  5. I hit this post first wit the "yeezt knock off" comment…BEEN knew this MODEL shoe was out before the yeezys…the did NOT however come with glowing soles…therefore..they are now yeezy knock offs.

  6. retarded hypebeasts, didnt you know that yeezys are actually made from direct inspiration from other shoes?? yeezys in fact are overpriced knockoffs, these are nicer imo, yeezys could have taken inspiration from these as far as im concerned, mofooooos. and i do have legit yeezys so dont give me crap, i got em for real cheap so….