A Bathing Ape Fall/Winter 2008 Collection

A few pieces from the A Bathing Ape‘s Fall/Winter 2008 collection have made their way into their flagship stores including the latest footwear. The Bapesta and Roadsta have just been released in a few color-ways that includes a simple brown/white Bapesta and a variety of styles of the Roadsta. Unfortunately, there are only a few flagship stores worldwide, but if you are close to one be sure to stop and pick-up the latest footwear. Via hb.

A Bathing Ape Fall/Winter 2008 Collection
A Bathing Ape Fall/Winter 2008 Collection

A Bathing Ape Fall/Winter 2008 Collection
A Bathing Ape Fall/Winter 2008 Collection

A Bathing Ape Fall/Winter 2008 Collection
A Bathing Ape Fall/Winter 2008 Collection


  1. willy-d-tip says:

    gay…oh yea FIRST!

  2. bignigg702 says:

    1st bitches and these will be in my collection

  3. man i rather wear some flip flops..

  4. all the roadsta's look alright

  5. AIR DANIEL says:

    Babesta still exists!!!!??????

  6. i always liked roadstas but im not trying to spend around $200 for them. if bape lowered their prices, i wonder if they would be more popular.

  7. Random15694816 says:

    I cant understand why anyone would buy a slightly altered knock-off of a classic shoe for a higher price.

  8. AIR DANIEL – Bape has been around for 15 years now:P do you think they quit just cuz you dont like them?

  9. these are all crap….. fuck flip flops.. i would rather wear sandals which are even more gay..

  10. severalthieves says:

    People actually wear these? Shit Brooks and Asics been around for a while too Jimi. I don't think the longevity angle really mean shit. This shit is wack!

  11. Real talk severalthieves… These are straight ugly in my opinion

  12. back to dark colors I see

  13. Who wanna wear bapes afta Solja boy?

  14. I could've sworn I saw the Bathing Ape logo in a cemetary somewhere.

  15. i dont wear bapes no more but i cant even lie…..all of these dont look half bad

  16. i think bape is goin 2 die in the U.S.A becuz no one wears shit like this nd theyre 2 fukin expensive nd they fukin copy nike 2 much if they would start sellin shit in footlocker or finishline for a better nd affordable price these would be one of the biggest shoes in the world but nigo is not doin 2 right business move

  17. myegoizcrazy says:

    what size does bape start?

  18. at least its better than those fucking bright soulja boy colors

  19. SB ADDICT says:

    I'd still rock Bape. Next people will start complaining about gay ass Weezy killing Supra.

  20. The colors in the fall jointz are cool, but due to the buddy bapes, and the search for a real pair that you always have to order I will pass. and The onez that nike have dropped this summer are killing the color game, so it isn't even worth my effort to cop bapes.

  21. i like the colors now all they need is a nike sign and id get em

  22. feeling the brown/white bapestas, but nigo can keep the roadstas and the high price tags, i'm gonna spend my money on the fusion 3s instead.

  23. PandasKicks says:

    dave…. the fusion 3's suck first of all, and second of all, the roadstas are tite! u cant say they are air max copies, because the roadstas have there own style to em!

  24. Infinite Kicks says:

    I Repeat.I dont think u people understand what Nigo is doing here. If everybody rocks bapes then its boring and gets wack. Like for real Soulja Boy and bootleggers killed US demand for Bape years before it should have been. And the price tag represents fashion. I mean u not gone pay 10$ for real Prada or Louis Vuitton shoes not just because the materials are high-class(like BAPE) but because if everybody has em it's not special. Air Force 1=Average BAPE Sta=Hipster. If u dont wanna pay 2 be fly than buy you some damn Forces and don't complain about shit u don't know about.

  25. Siyas a.k.a. yandar says:

    if u dnt afford bape sneakers leave them 4 us affording, stop complaining like bitches gt ur asses up and work harder to afford this shit…..

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