Stephen Curry Officially Signs with Under Armour

Stephen Curry Officially Signs with Under Armour


Stephen Curry UA

It’s official! Just a few days after reports flew out about Stephen Curry leaving the Nike empire, he chunked deuce and headed over to join Brandon Jennings, Raymond Felton and the rest of the Under Armour team. Curry is expected to wear the Under Armour Anatomix Spawn to begin the season and UA’s senior vice president, Matt Mirchin, explained that Curry should have his own signature shoe by the end of this next season. With Nike handling over 95% of the NBA it’s no wonder Under Armour is willing to go bold with some fresh new talent. Are you excited to see Steph Curry in the Under Armour’s this next season? Let us know in the comments section below and stay tuned to Sneakerfiles for more on Curry’s new kicks and much more!

Via Complex

  • Michael Rideout Major

    Early Bird

  • Carl Austin Tugaoen

    what kind of shoes that he wair in the pic

  • Richard Y.

    What!? He was that dude for the nike hyper series… But I guess good for him to get that contact and probably his own shoe

  • Richard Y.

    Carl Austin Tugaoen those are the UA Anatomix Spawn

  • Dawan Milliner

    The mellow,yellow fellow from deep!!!!!!

  • Lr Giveemhell


  • Brandon Hicks

    Why??? Nike is much better still not believing this

  • Naini NainiBerry Keita

    Gaoussou Simpara