Nike SB July 2009 Collection

Nike SB July 2009 Collection


Nike SB July 2009 Collection

Nike’s SB (Skateboarding) line has been extremely successful ever since it was launched in March in 2002. Though many have complained that Nike SB has been slacking in terms of uniqueness the past couple months, the July 2009 collections may prove otherwise. The Dunk SB will release in three variations: a blue/white low-top, a black/sea green mid-top, and a black/ozone high-top. The Blazer SB will release in two colorways: green spark/pimento and white/hot red. The Zoom Tre SB will drop in an Orgeon Ducks inspired colorway, while the Bruin SB will be made available in a simple black/white colorway. In addition, Stefan Janoski’s Pro Model will also release in reed/stone. All eight sneakers will release as part of the Nike SB July 2009 Collection.

Via NikeSB.

Nike SB July 2009 Collection

Nike SB July 2009 Collection

Nike SB July 2009 Collection

Nike SB July 2009 Collection

Nike SB July 2009 Collection

Nike SB July 2009 Collection

Nike SB July 2009 Collection


    Just as usual nun to special.

  • jewlzs

    wwwwooooooowwww well heres the start of the low top dunk wit no fat tounge had a good run wish that it coulda keep goin oh well thanks nike



  • kkkkkkkkkkkkkkeeeeee

    blazers a good and tre ads look dope!




  • Exc!tement

    these are wacc without the fat toungues…jus regular dunks

  • mcfly

    these r kinda wack nike sbs r on a serious decline they better do somthing drastic before its 2 late and they get that bad reputation of being ass.

  • dunksdood

    so who's gonna me the betard in august that complains about the skinny tongue in the photos then they come out stuffed every month same ppl saying oh no fat tongues well they still have a zoom air insole and if your not a goddam newb you'd realize thats what make sb's so great

  • Godwithanextrao

    @ dunksdood


    you got a point

    every month someone is complaining about the skinny tongue

    i dont care which tongue it is as long as the dunks look legit and fresh

  • jewlzs

    to dunksdod-the fat tounge is wat makes the dunks seperate from other dunks its wat shows ppl that they are sb not a regular basketball dunk an the zoom air sole isnt wat makes the dunks sb so f***ing great the only things that make a sneaker good is the design the color an the material an quality an the fat tounge is a really good fashion look it up……….. newb

  • chyea

    well.. too bad SB's were made for functionality more so than fashion. Stuffed tongues are nice to have but arent a necessity. Stefan's pro model are sick though. best shoes I've skated in a while

  • dunksdood

    jewlz if your all about color and fat tongues why dont you just go by a whole bunch of supra's loser take your skinny jeans and fat tongue whining somewhere else the tongue still has padding its just not obnoxiously big so i say change for the good get over it

  • 23

    we want fluffy tounges sb….. those blue joints mite as well say 6.0 on the tounge.. as for the high tops.. think im bouta cop!

  • jimmy

    I personal love the fat tongues on sb's. Skateboarding shoes always have really thick stuffed tongues and sb dunks are a skateboard shoe. But I'm sure they will release with fat tongue the internet pictures are always decieving.

  • b00mrang

    Those black ozone ones are dope i dont care what anyone says, and plus i dont like super fat tounges. Sb dunks find a happy medium