Converse WADE 4 (IV) – Black / White / Red

Converse WADE 4 (IV) – Black / White / Red


Converse WADE 4 (IV) - Black / White / Red

Coming off a Gold Medal win in this past Summer Olympics, Dwyane Wade is set to release his fourth sneaker, the Converse WADE 4 (IV). The sneakers are made up of the Heat’s away colors, a black leather upper with the white accents and red speckled design on the mid-sole. The more sleeker and bolder WADE 4 consists of thick lines stretching from the sides of the sneakers as well as a circular design overlapping horizontal lines. This WADE 4 will be hitting store shelves on October 31st retailing at $90.

Converse WADE 4 (IV) - Black / White / Red
Converse WADE 4 (IV) – Black / White / Red

  • stickie213

    when do the eminem 2s come out and what time and wooo hooo first

  • kashaun.c

    these shits is ugly they might look a little better in person i have to see but them shits come on D-wade

  • nikeman

    fuck converse they are all gay

  • nick jumpan 23

    nikeman is right converse gay as hell.dwayne wade gay to for wearing the bitches.

  • JAY

    hey this is his 5th shoe remember the 1.3?! and these shoes are actually really better in person due to poor computer photo shots these are going to be so cheap i cant wait! they actually look really good and comfortable and one of the best performance basketball shoes ive seen.

  • Lucas Sacul

    Dwayne Wade doesn't even wear these on the court, he wears his first pair of shoes.

  • kage

    ^wow I was on espn and saw him and lucas is right hes not evne wearing these he's wearing the first wades

  • bugbites

    he is not wearing it!!!

    he is wearing 1.0 why?

    i thought he wud wear it this whole season

  • Stephen

    just got the new wades. 30 bucks at champs. very nice i love them.