Converse WADE 4 (IV) - White / Black

The Olympic Edition Converse WADE 4 (IV) was initially previewed back in August and now in October two new styles have surfaced. The second of the two WADE 4s consists of the team’s home colors white and black with a red and orange design appearing on the mid-sole. The first model was seen earlier today is scheduled to release later this month, but this limited edition WADE 4 is now available.

Converse WADE 4 (IV) - White / Black
Converse WADE 4 (IV) – White / Black

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  1. Yeah, I kind of like the red marble thing they got going on, have to see more photos from other sides of the shoe, but it looks nice, good job converse

  2. r u kidding…these are horrible…put them on the halloween list with those BET shoes leading the way

  3. so i saw these in person they are actually better. they are not for style but for performance. they are actually really comfortable. Im gonna get me a pair when they are like 20 bucks on finishline or eastbay. they still got wades favorite shoe the 1.3 for like that price. and those shoes are really good.

  4. thes are pretty sick..take some getting used to though..kinda like the 23's when they came out..