Converse Dwayne Wade 4 (IV)

If you watched any of the Mens Basketball Olympic Games (except the Finals) you would have seen Dwayne Wade lace up the Converse Team Signature. But the last game Mr. Wade had on the Converse Dwayne Wade 4 (IV).

The first pair we have the privilege of seeing of the Converse Dwayne Wade 4 (IV) is inspired by the United We Rise series. Although we do not have a official release date, I am sure their is plenty of time for you to make your decision of purchasing. Via Chinasize.

Converse Dwayne Wade 4 (IV)
Converse Dwayne Wade 4 (IV)

Converse Dwayne Wade 4 (IV)
Converse Dwayne Wade 4 (IV)


  1. Looks like another cheap converse shoe. They should have made the Olympic shoes the 4's, those were dope! These will go on sale reaallyy fast….horrible

  2. Since converse is own by Nike they should just shut down the company and his contract and put a swoosh on it. On another website he rocked the aj4 black and red to practice

  3. yeah i saw him at prac with the iv cdp's…that is dope..kob rocks jays sometimes..i love the iv's…his wade 2.0 was nice..i would not wear converse but it was decent..these are horrible and i thought the kobe line was horrible…damn..this makes the kobe like look like a picasso!!! move wade to nike..he has earned it!!!

  4. wade shoes use be the nicest looking but ever since the wade 3's that looked like boots, the shoes have become ugly

  5. People on here don't understand. Converse is OWNED by NIKE so technically Wade is already with Nike. They needed someone to help promote the Converse line so no doubt Wade is getting top dollar to do so.

  6. Converse should give up the athletic shoe game and just make Chucks and OneStars. Wade may be getting cake from Nike, but Nike's not getting much from these bogus kicks. The last time I checked nobody was rocking the Converse Wades … Wade needs a signature NIKE shoe. To quote C. Barkley, anything less would be uncivilized.

  7. wow how could they make shoes that people from goodwill would not wear. these better be good on the court because if so ill buy them when they are 19.99 just like all other wades that come out.

  8. all yall hating hard wade was the best player on team usa and he coming off injury i guess everybody supposed to be the same and rock jordans that is lame girls rock jordans now any wayz i rock wades 24/7 my wades look hot on me so i dont know why every single one of yall hating when i got my wades on the court i fell like i can do it all just like wade gone do this season on all yall haters favorite team if wade is yall fav player yall should be supporting him he signed with converse because they gave him a cell phone clothing line his unique website that has never been done before

  9. this shoe is quite ok!! but i think its good that converse should do much better in creating signature shoe especially if its worn by guys like D-WADE

  10. dwayne wade is killa yo he is the best played in the season right know….. and i liked the 2.0s butthis new sneaker isnt all that… dwayne wade is my idol but converse needs to make nicer signatures especially, especially for Dwade aka FLASH


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