Air Jordan Force Fusion 3 - Reed / Dark Oak / White / Medium Brown

Despite the numerous Air Jordan Countdown Packages and other Air Jordan model, a new Force Fusion has discreetly popped up online. Using the Air Jordan Force Fusion 3 as the based, reed, dark oak, white and medium brown are seen throughout the sneaker of the latest AJF3. In retrospect, these fusions seem to differ from past models due to its soft composition and resemblance to the actual Air Jordan 3. Nevertheless, release is expected to be sometime soon. Via LTD Online.

Air Jordan Force Fusion 3 - Reed / Dark Oak / White / Medium Brown
Air Jordan Force Fusion 3 – Reed / Dark Oak / White / Medium Brown

Air Jordan Force Fusion 3 - Reed / Dark Oak / White / Medium Brown
Air Jordan Force Fusion 3 – Reed / Dark Oak / White / Medium Brown


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  2. With the exception of Kevin Chea….. you young sneakerheads will buy into anything lol! I find the shit hilarious.

    I guess I'm an old school mofo that aint with the times…. But if this is what's next, damn! My J's are almost done… Just waiting on the 11/12 CDP and I'm done forreal.

    Strictly AirMax90's, and SB Dunks.

  3. ^^^^ Please get the fuck outta here with that fake bootleg variant shit you're pushing!!!!

    Nobody wants to buy that shit

  4. there okay, i mean i owuld have 2 see them in person to check out the material and shit like that but they look fresh

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  9. fusions appeal more to af1 fans to jordan fans. i love af1's and i love this colorway, but i think it would look better on a pair of forces with the e-print on the swoosh and blue on the sole.

  10. Not one sentence in that description makes sense. How can you use the word "retrospect" when describing a new sneaker that hasn't even released yet? Do you have the faintest idea what you're writing?

  11. once a jordan head always a jordan head no matta wut fusion hot too six rings crack and da packs fresh air max naw cheap neva sb dunks koo but hell naw air jordan still remine ikonradio and kevinchea shut da hell up yall lamez one word haters

  12. 1ST To everyone that wants to know these release on SEPTEMBER 13TH.

    2ND These are sick and I cant wait unitl they're out!

    3RD finally the color BROWN is BACK…

  13. jayman:

    You sound real lame…. Real Jordanheads respect the brand and the releases… but are not slaves to every shoe like you. I've been rocking J's probably longer than you have been in shoes period. You're the type that has variants in your closet trying to pass em off as authentic.

    Furthermore if I pull out my AM90 Huf's or DQM Bacons you would jock like the hypebeast that you are.

    The fact that you needed to comment about how I feel about the shoe, shows that you have BITCH in your blood. GET REAL sucka lol.

  14. they looke tight. definite cop but i dont like the blue >:| ill stil cp though

    thanks for the release date FRESHFEET!

  15. First of all most of you on here are lame. and have no idea what it means to be a jordan head. A true jordan head appreciates the craftmanship, style, cultural influence and function of an Air Jordan sneaker. All you do is get on here and talk about how jb is dying and what you don't like. Times change, there are only so many air jordan sneakers. JB has to come up with new ways to reach the high demand for his kicks. These fusions are a classic example of taking an idea and capitalizing on it. Not to mention if your a true G these can be rocked hard with many diffent fits. This is a beautiful sneaker that deserves its own props. This shoe with its materials, patterns, and colors is a masterpiece that will definitly be coped.

  16. naw ikonradio u fag i rocc j's nd stay fresh fusions fresh shut da hell up nd go cop a pair so u can feel good bout yo self bitch have a nice day oh nd air jordans aint done yet i kno u heard bout da air jordan 2009s febuary get ready bitch


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