Celebrity Sneaker Sightings: Ashton Kutcher Wearing New Balance

Celebrity Sneaker Sightings: Ashton Kutcher Wearing New Balance


Towards the end of January we brought you a look at the Spring 2010 collection of the New Balance 420. Since then, it appears as though the New Balance 420 has caught the attention of several people, including the influential Ashton Kutcher. Recently, we’ve seen the actor in the grey/yellow New Balance 420 on set of a new movie and while being interviewed as one of the Time’s 100 most influential people. How many of you out there also share Ashton’s affinity for the New Balance 420?

Via NBWebExpress.

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  1. Yeah i also see every crazy person, bum and people who could care less about sneakers wearing gray New Balances in NYC, nothing special. don't care what anyone says New balances with the exception of the very few (i.e solebox) are never dope.

    I always think of them as orthopedic shoes.

  2. try getting in the clubs with some jordans on! what makes new balance beautiful is that u can hook them up with some serious gear especially during the winter. try that with some jordans.

  3. you can do any and everything with any brand of sneaker, you just got to know how to put it together. fraze is right though grey NB's are just too common for a whole post on a sneakersite. I dont think he even cares about whats on his feet.

  4. I love New Balance, but I am not a fan of the 420. To me it's like the Nike Vintage stuff, of which I am also not a fan. I do like what they are doing with 576's, 1300's, 1400's, etc. The materials they use on thier higher-end trainers is unmatched in quality by any other manufacturer.

  5. Thats exactly it these are not worth a mention, especially because its aston kutcher.

    Oh and Bobby you really think you can't wear J's or SB's in the winter or club, just wear shoes or loafer to the club its dark. And Seriously, you don't think some SB highs or Jordan IV's wouldn't like fly with a spyder or steep tech, don't kid urself.