According to Ashton Kutcher, the New Balance brand is obviously doing something right judging by the actor’s footwear brand of choice as of late. This time around, however, New Balance once again pays some attention to a running shoe- the New Balance 205. The New Balance 205 was named that after US marathon runner Khalid Khannouchi set a THEN world record of 2:05:45 in the Chicago Marathon, only to better that mark to 2:05:38 three years later in London. This time around, the New Balance 205 will sport a Masai tribal shield commemorating the Kenyans who represented the brand en route to winning the 2003 and 2004 Chicago, Boston, and London Marathons. Here you can check out pictures of the reissued New Balance 205 as well as of the launch party that took place in Santa Monica, California from the Conveyor shop at Fred Segal. These are in fact available for purchase now from select New Balance retailers; both in store and online nationwide.

Via PitchEngine.