Air Jordan XII (12) White/Varsity Red/Black – Photos

Air Jordan XII (12) White/Varsity Red/Black – Photos



Finally, detailed images of the long awaited release of Air Jordan XII (12) White/Varsity Red/Black have surfaced and become available for presale. The retro appears to stay true to the original 1997 release, unlike the alterations seen on the Flu Game Air Jordan XII. However, the overall shape of this retro seems to be a tad bit different from the original. None the less, Jordan Brand fans will rejoyce at the sight of these. Winter/Holiday 2009 is shaping up to be one of the better years in terms of releases for the Jordan Brand.

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  1. YEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!! Dont be adding no other shit on these classics like yall did with the breds….

  2. watch tomorrow theyr gonna be like new pictures of the air jordan 12– n theyr gonna be like patent leather or sum shitt

  3. the colorway is sick! but the sole looks bent right? the bottom juust curves and just dont look right. besides that, it looks great!

  4. Hmm, already available for pre-sale!!!

    Hmm, perhaps I'll wait till I see them in person, then I'll decide!

  5. I'm rubbing on my nipples. I love jacking off to shoes. I like to Jack off in footlocker.I wanna cummm inside this Jordan shoe.

  6. I'm gonna stick this shoe up my bunghole so Ima need to get two pairs. One for bunghole, the other for ur moms bunghole. Me love me long time.

  7. I wanna make love to this shoe!!! NOW!! I'm slappin' my salami on the computer screen. Yeah baby. U like that.? Yes you do. Yes you do. Let me rub it on the sole..yesss!! Who's ur daddy u cunt!! My balls itch now too

  8. they are nasty, jb is fucking up taking out way too many 12's. The only ones that i am gonna cop are gonna be the flu game 12's and thats it. Too much fire next year


  10. I think they're nice. But retros have been of poor quality lately, and I like to see these in person before I decide. They're gonna be $150.00, right?

  11. i remember when these came out in 97 i was in junior high and i have all the color ways but i wore a smaller size so i had to re-cop all my jordan's i will be getting a pair.

  12. Don't get me wrong I luv Jordans, but how many times can you release the same shoe? 20 years from now they'll be on the 10th version of a retro model.

  13. I'd still rather buy a pair or og w&r's.

    because the quality of the material on this shoe's

    are obviously sacrificed

    for the sake of mass production.


  14. how do you hype beast know they are bad quality by looking at a picture im tired of those comments crying how every retro is bad quality

  15. everyone thinks its bad quality cuz you people wreck your shoes jordan retros are not made to ploay basketball in their just not and who every plays basketball in a jordan retro is retarted retro jordans are for light wearing like to the mall or something not to run around in

  16. these look super fake… if u r a real sneakerhead, not some lame who just jumped on the banwagon in the last few years, then u know these are lame( quality an overall look wise) pull out ur ogs an sit it next to your retro, u will be able to tell a difference not only just by lookin at it, but by feeling the materials- an jb wants more than og prices…. crazy people u might as well save u money an get a og pair of ebay…. im glad i got all og 12s, og space jam retro, og true blue retro an og infra reds that way i can say fuck the shitty retros… all u non sneakr heads can jump on these

  17. bla bla bla bad qualilty…bla bla la bla og!!! For those that are always bla bla bla go a coop some all OG pairs and dont wait your time written the same BS…This is what it deal with it.Im cooping for sure…