Air Jordan V (5) – Raging Bull Detailed Pictures

Air Jordan V (5) – Raging Bull Detailed Pictures


Air Jordan V (5) - Raging Bull Detailed Pictures

Last weeks teaser image of the “Raging Bull Pack” or currently being nicknamed the DMP 2 package, created a lot of buzz and speculation, but new pictures of the Air Jordan V (5) found inside the Raging Bull Pack can be viewed in detail. The most noticeable aspect of this Air Jordan V is its composition of buttery varsity red suede on the upper. Paired alongside the eye-catching color is black on the midsole, lace area, tongue and sole. The first Defining Moments Package yielded the Air Jordan VI (6) and Air Jordan XI (11), but this time around it is two pairs of the Air Jordan V that will be releasing. The release date has yet to be officially confirmed, but is slated for May 30th and will retail at $310.

Jordan “Raging Bull” Defining Moments Package II (Limited Release)
Release Date: 05/2009
Style Number: 360968-991
Colorway: Multicolor/Multicolor
136027-xxx Black/Varsity Red-White
136027-xxx Air Jordan V Retro Varsity Red/White-Black

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Air Jordan V (5) - Raging Bull Detailed Pictures

Air Jordan V (5) - Raging Bull Detailed Pictures

  • damnheat!235

    The raging bull air jordan V pack looks like fire!

  • Wesley

    These look like fakes but i will still cop these

  • King Jay

    Damn those gonn be on my shelf fa sho'

  • DanyLUV

    These are hottttt and a must get.

  • Max Patta

    very fresh

  • marcus


  • Mak

    can't wait

  • justosac

    Them joints is brankin on the b blood.

  • mslovin

    absolutely will be using my taxes on this

  • wrappedinstrings

    straight up fire…literally, in these pics though, they kinda look photoshopped, but maybe thats just me…Still pretty raw breh…

  • yf

    good eye they do look photoshopped. going to wait for some OFFICIAL pictures.

  • iceman

    those j'z go hard there straight fire.

  • KbLoveSamples

    them thangs icea-don….just da 23 is too much….



  • Matthew

    Hmmmm i think i might have to choose between these and the XII's releasing in May


    these are heat period the pack is gana be heat most def and im def coppin

  • x_SOLEchick

    Always loved the 5's! these are dope!

  • illmatic45

    if u scope the flames on the soles its kind of like the horns on the chicago bulls logo thats preety dope but not worth buying

  • Jay

    nice catch illmatic that just sets these things off even more damn these is straight

  • dj

    looks decent. the 23 on the side doesnt match. maybe the icy sole will be red?

  • Red-Sox-Nation

    Whoever wants this DMP II pack better be at your nearest Jordan Retailer at 3:00am that morning (the latest). 'Cuz these are gonna FLY!!!!! Sh*t, I'll be there early as hell!!!! These are hot as F*ck!!! We all know these are gonna be on eBay for about $500 and above soon after the release!!!!

  • his airness

    nice pack

  • his airness

    is it too red? I wouldn't dare wear these Js in the streets, I don't want to get shot. If I can cop this pack, they're going straight in my closet.


  • his airness

    I like this pack a lot, I always wondered why the Bulls were red, a bull is brown!!! But then again, nobody would buy brown Js…!

  • joe

    dammmmm these are fire right here but retailed for 310 dats over doin it they usually cost 135 solo,at least 280 around there for both would be good.

  • undecided

    I'm going to keep it 100 here…its alot of hypebeasts hypin this up. Now yes, this is hot right here, but they may change some detail so just sit tight. It's very loud, but can be managed depending on the look you're aiming for…but personally I'm waiting to see what they both look like before release before I go head over heals…people keep ya cool and stop feeding into all this buzz…let yourself be the judge. *Save the Game Campaign*(R) coming soon…

  • phat-pat

    damn deez gotta a real smooth clean look kind reminds me of the red suede 21's from 06

  • dustin

    his airness: bulls get aggressive towards red capes that's why its red and called raging bull

    undecided: your a moron

  • fakawot

    these joints are dope, cant wait till these drop…no need pics of the other 3M black V's

  • rocboy23

    i personally think that they are 2 loud maybe some black laces would help a little but its 2 much red for me.

  • frank

    Photoshopped check the ice blue out its too icey I mean its the matallics haha

  • CW1LL

    i bet lil wayne have a pair ….there very clean & funky lol wayne wat the leek read !

  • Rjk-Locc

    Damn these r hott but these would b hella harder on da crip status color fucc da red its all bouta da BKlue cuzz.

  • ggaga

    YES ! they fixed the tongue!

  • Air Justin

    Wish the 23 on teh side wasnt there other than that not bad at all. Feeling the black pair a little more, especially if its 3m

  • Antonio

    Remind me of the all red 21s, they're fresh. COPPED

  • That Dude Mahood

    The Shoe is Dope and there gettin got. Question, anyone else think that gray on the sole could have been done better?


    i got 2 copp dose they r hot and they come out a day after my b day

  • sammy


  • HE

    damn. the flames should have been grey, but nice concept though. consider these copp'd

  • Av

    These are now available on

  • j-roc

    too much red