Air Jordan 10 “Bobcats” – The First Retro Release of 2014

Air Jordan 10 “Bobcats” – The First Retro Release of 2014


Air Jordan 10 Bobcats The First Retro Release of 2014

On January 11th, all of you sneakerheads will see the very first retro release of 2014 from the folks over at Jordan Brand. That’s right, the “Bobcats” Air Jordan X will be unleashed upon the masses. Fully equipped with a clean Wolf Grey/Dark Powder Blue/New Slate/Atomic Orange colorway, these are the first official Jordan release to pay tribute to Michael Jordan’s front office gig with the Bobcats. With the team set to revert back to the Hornets name, will you sneakerheads be planning on picking these up? Check out another look after the jump and be sure to drop us a line in the comments section below.

Air Jordan 10 Bobcats The First Retro Release of 2014

Air Jordan 10 Bobcats The First Retro Release of 2014

Air Jordan 10 Bobcats The First Retro Release of 2014

Air Jordan 10 Retro “Bobcats”
Wolf Grey/Dark Powder Blue-New Slate-Atomic Orange

Photos via rockcitykicks

  • Charles Wooldridge

    Get em. Last year of Bobcats

  • Baldo Reyes

    When do the black cat 4s release ?

  • Ulisses Villegas


  • Andrew Chung

    How are they retro if it’s a new color ??

  • Nick Winchester

    Stop making shoes Jordan brand.

  • Satin Berry

    I likeee these.

  • Eddie Redice

    id take out those blue laces an throw in gray laces

  • December Gossett

    I want some

  • Carlos Williams

    Those are sweet!!!!

  • Marquise Imbanginghard Jones

    Gotta get them

  • Damon Horton

    I’d buy em… but im an addias guy.. ha

  • Nicholas Dyer

    its a retro sneaker

  • Shekeia A McCutchen

    James Bolden u dont have these lol

  • Lionel Ritchie

    Ehhh nothing special

  • Tha El Cappitan

    Junko Holley Burgess

  • Ashia Flott

    Poppy Chulo

  • Junko Holley Burgess

    Tha Cappitan I need those!

  • Eugene Chedda Moore


  • Rahman Fann

    The first retro 10 with the clear bottom. Beautiful. :'(

  • Keegan Trey Dueling

    Fuckin ugly

  • Yaakov Bockian

    I’m not normally a huge fan of 10’s, but I would totally rock the shit out of these!

  • James Hill

    They made the sole clear and now it seems like more people want them.

  • Daniel Garcia Davila

    The shoe is retro not the colorway dummy

  • Jiigsaw Grimsley

    Yo start putti8n tha dubb up on da sound cloud

  • Tony Live-Free Jenkins

    That surprisingly nice hopefully they get slept on and are a easy cop

  • Tommy Thompson


  • Keke Robinson

    They gone be in Gs?

  • Lawrance Bennett


  • Mia Reese

    I need tem..

  • Beavis Turner

    Rahman Fann obviously you dont follow sneaker releases. You would know that the doernbecher 10s had the translucent sole. Or as you like to call it clear bottom.

  • Billedo Riamore

    MarkJoseph De Mayo Dickenson

  • MarkJoseph De Mayo Dickenson

    Bat po uncle ? Riamore Billedo

  • Billedo Riamore

    Pang laro oh hehehe

  • MarkJoseph De Mayo Dickenson

    Hahah onga po

  • Kiko Vela

    Cop? Antoine

  • Gary Robey


  • Yeyo Sanchez


  • Ronnie Magsombol


  • Maury Reyes

    Carolina Reyes

  • Sabrina Lee

    cute colorway x

  • Keith Stevens

    I’ll do the same as old buddy up there I got Spider-Man foams fighter jets pink foams as well as the gamma 11 both 3lab5 the belair and a few others.. My
    Instagram is keefskicks

  • Antoine Perez

    Kiko . Drop. Not my colors

  • Ryan Veach


  • Ryan Veach

    Prob the ugliest retro Jordan I’ve seen to date. It’s got a fuckin peach insole lol. Wtf

  • Michael G Jackson

    Stevie wonder made this color way? I didn’t know he was on Jordan brand

  • Jeffrey Green

    Fire the color is crazzy i like…must get

  • Gabriel Trujillo

    Retro Denver Broncos, becaise we gonna win the Bowl this year!

  • Ryan Klapperich


  • James Jackson

    If the teams name and colors are changing to the Hornets. Why bother with a Bobcats colorway at all….

  • Jason Walker


  • Stage Soul-Music


  • Chante Burns

    Them sneakers are hard luv it

  • Oshay Dmcdonald

    Leon White in need these real shit you got me

  • Leon White

    Oshay Dmcdonald I’ll have them

  • Oshay Dmcdonald

    Leon White 10.5

  • Leon White

    Oshay Dmcdonald I know… My size

  • Keven Draves


  • astroforce

    astroforce foreben_

  • Ramone Hill

    Gone have these the day they release

  • Johnny Unitas

    Giuliana Civetta

  • Lvin X Crz


  • Vito Faever

    Anthony Lee-El Jay Stone

  • Jordan Papichulo Hensley

    Dante Whitten

  • Byron Woods

    Smarter If they would’ve done a wizards colorway first


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    ((((( KICKSRUS04@LIVE.COM )))))

  • foreben_

    astroforce ganda nyan ah hahahaahha

  • astroforce

    foreben_ Ikr. Fak mehn.

  • Anthony Lee-El

    I need em