Pictured above are new photos of the worlds most overrated sneaker. I can’t recall ever seeing anyone of the old colorways on a human beings feet ever in my life. I think Lebron himself has been wearing Carmelo Anthony’s shoes during games. Not only are these new colorways on shoes no one cares about, but the 6 contains new digital obstruction technology.

This is a vast improvement on the previous D.O.T. because surveys showed 5 people were actually able to lace the Nike Zoom Lebron V (5) all the way to the top.  Engineers were baffled anyone without super powers could lace these sneakers, the Zoom Lebron VI (6) will almost guarantee to be unlaceable.

For more photos of shoes that will be on extreme discount sales in about 2 months, click in the ‘More’ link below the eBay box.