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WTF?: Air Jordan I (1) Skinny (GS) “Chicago”

WTF Air Jordan I 1 Skinny GS Chicago

Author’s Note: While we at Sneaker Files always do our best to report news with as unbiased a view as possible, this series, “WTF?”, gives us the opportunity to be as biased as we want, without the fear of ramifications or repercussions. At least I hope that is the case…

Yesterday, we brought you a look at the Air Jordan I (1) Wrestling Boot Skinny (GS) “Chicago”, but this shoe is so bizarre (and, frankly, more than a little frightening), I had to bring you another look. I’m not really sure what made someone at Jordan Brand give these the green light, but they sure as hell did. Yes, this isn’t the first time Nike has done a “Skinny” version of a classic shoe; you have the Nike WMNS Dunk High “Skinny”, which is essentially just a slimmer version of the original Nike Dunk High. See, that I get; however, these are not that.

They’ve essentially made an “Amateur Wrestling Boot/Air Jordan 1” mash-up, and quite honestly, it is awful. I’m probably not the best person to be giving parenting advice – getting caught by police with $2 grand in cash, a digital scale, and a loaded .45, consuming hundreds of hits of acid, and selling drugs to your schoolmates (and a teacher for good measure), all before your 18th birthday, will win you that distinction – but unless your child is trying out for the school wrestling team, please don’t buy these kicks for them; they’d be better off with some FUBU 3s.

Take another look at this ungodly creation after the jump, and let us know, do these remind you of wrestling boots? Because they damn sure remind me of them, as I’ve made abundantly clear in the previous paragraphs. Ok, here’s a real question; do you think Jordan Brand failed with these, or is the Air Jordan 1 Skinny the beginning of a new era for the Jumpman and a shoe you cannot wait to release in mens sizes? Let us know in the comments below, and stay tuned for more “WTF?” segments from your boy Chris L, at Sneakerfiles.com!

Oh, I almost forgot; if you happen to actually want a pair of these crazy-ass things, head over to Corporate in Cincinnati, Ohio, and grab yourself a pair, for $90.

WTF Air Jordan I 1 Skinny GS Chicago

WTF Air Jordan I 1 Skinny GS Chicago

Via Corporate (Images)

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