Women all around the world are constantly receiving special attention and treatment- as well they should. The Nike brand would definitely, and evidently does, agree. Earlier this year we showed you the Nike Dunk 6.0 Coral, which was a manifestation of the aforementioned female attention. Now, Nike has prepared a new Women’s Dunk Hi 6.0 capable of capturing the hearts of both sexes. Pictured here is a Dunk Hi 6.0 model that contains a variety of purple hues with black and white accents. Most interesting are the side panels and heel on this colorway, which consists of what can be described as a “purple blueprint.” The shoe is rounded out with a purple toe box, light purple/pink shoe laces, and a matching colored icy outsole that acts as the cherry on top. These might be a little more difficult to get a hold of, but after the jump we have for you one spot who can take care of those of you already salivating over this ornate Nike Dunk 6.0.

Via ExtraButterNY.

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