The Supra brand has been on an absolute tear in recent years with the rise to prominence of a number of its sneaker models. Supra also knows how to come up with exclusive, drool-inducing releases- as evidenced by the Karmaloop Skytop. Supra is now revving up for the release of a Skytop, Skylow, and Vaider all sporting duct tape material. Although it might sound messy and sticky at first, all three of these Supra models actually look rather clean and worthy of praise for the seamless incorporation of duct tape material. Reminiscent of black leather- even patent at certain angles- these three Supra Duct Tape sneakers are yet another treat from the up-and-coming skateboarding shoe company. Certain online retailers are in line to receive these rather soon, so check in with your local Supra retailers for more information in the coming weeks as well.

Via SneakerFreaker.